OLX launches new campaign tackling effects of economic freedom

In a world where economic freedom is everybody’s dream, one family has to navigate itself around things like Model C accents, rice cakes, naughty corners, therapy and most of the things that rich people do.

In his past life, the man of the house used to live a basic (rather poor) life without any luxury. His life began to change for the better when he started trading on the global marketplace platform, OLX, where he buys goods at reasonable prices and sell them at a profit.

A hustler of note. A man who forces until things happen. A true reflection of what happens when you Pressa, Phusha, Phanda and Fosta a little bit until you succeed!

Now as an economically free man, Rich Fosta struggles with his new-found economic freedom. His fears are even threatening his marriage to Bridget and could shatter the entire Fosta family.

This is the storyline behind “Days of Our Economically Free Lives” a digital drama series by OLX that depicts what economic freedom looks like. Launching today on digital platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) the drama series is tipped to be one for the books especially at this time in our country where every cent count.


“This digital drama series and its content touches on a crucial conversation that needs to be heard in our society,” says Nicole Depene-Sander, Marketing Manager at OLX South Africa. “Days of Our Economically Free Lives” is a satirical production that we commissioned in our ongoing effort to teach people about the simple ways they can use to set themselves economically free, and that is through OLX.”

But, how can people set themselves economically free? According to OLX South Africa “…the simple and best way we know is through buying and selling on OLX like Rich Fosta (a lead character on Days of Our Economically Free Lives) did; using the platform to his benefit. People are running successful businesses on the OLX platform by buying goods at reasonable prices from people who no longer need them and sell to those who need them, or use them for theiradvantage,” adds Depene-Sander.


OLX South Africa has, in recent years, dedicated its brand proposition and messaging to educating people on how to save and make money. In 2018, the brand launched a campaign called Set Yourself Economically Free in which they partnered with seasoned comedian, Skhumba Hlophe (The People’s Side Bae) as the brand ambassador.

The company believes that satire has more advantage when addressing critical topics because no matter how sensitive an issue is, people get to engage and laugh at the same time. Last year’s “Set Yourself Economically Free” campaign and this year’s “Live Your Best Economically Free Life” is a continuation.

“The People’s Side Bae had one job, to share tips on how people can set themselves economically free. This year, we are continuing on that trajectory with the Days of Our Economically Free Lives campaign,” says Depene-Sander.

Not only has the company been focusing on financial education through satire, but they have been putting more efforts into ensuring the quality of service their consumers get is on par. The brandspent the past few months upgrading the OLX platforms to add extra layers of security. They also got more fraud specialists to monitor unscrupulous activities on the platforms 24/7. Since then, there has been a decline in reported fraud or scam reports.


Days of Our Economically Free Lives is brought to you by OLX. Catch all the drama on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube by searching the handles @TheFostas and @OLX_ZA.

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