1Life highlights that growth isn’t always easy… but it’s worth it, in new brand advert

1Life, the leading direct life insurer, yesterday launched its new brand advert – ‘However you choose to grow’ – highlighting that while change is inevitable, growth is a choice.

Through an emotionally resonant, realistic and honest account of life’s growth moments, the advert aims to unpack the truth that while growth isn’t always easy, it is worth it.

In an emotive 60-second advert, consumers are reminded of life’s precious growth moments using one man’s journey through his early years as testament to what people face in their everyday lives – the births, deaths, successes and fears – bringing to life the emotions that surround these events.

The narrative starts with a couple having an argument in the car which quickly leads to a ‘sorry’. This is followed closely by their growth moments – partying until 2am to 2am feedings, sushi date nights to fish fingers with the kids, carefree skateboarding to standing up to deliver a eulogy at his father’s funeral, facing a potential disability to recovering, working for someone to becoming his own boss. The advert closes off with a recap of life’s trials and tribulations and reminds us that though growth is not easy at the end of the day, it’s what makes life worth living.

“These are real life moments – raw and honest – and we believe through emotively connecting with the consumer we are able to really bring to life the positive impact of long-term insurance – removing the ‘fear driven’ messaging from traditional insurance advertising and really creating a distinction for the brand as unique and dynamic in this space,” says Katharine Liese, Head of Marketing at 1Life Insurance.

“We want South Africans to not only identify with their growth moments and life’s changes but most importantly, to know that no matter how life changes, or the growth they choose for their lives, 1Life has a solution to protect their family’s financial future. It is about creating resonance with the everyday consumer, making sure it is relevant and that it speaks to a human truth.”

The creative platform of ‘However you choose to grow’ was intentionally created to be very flexible and modular across channels and brand objectives. The idea is built around human choices and it allows the brand to be compelling in something as simple as a 6-second video bumper, or as complex as a 60-second TVC.

“In order for the brand to stand out in the category, it was vital for us to land the concept of growth moments in a raw and relatable manner. To get viewers to feel this, we had to go to some very honest, and raw ‘places’ – those that the market isn’t usually willing to go to. Every aspect of the ad was carefully thought through and designed to land the message – However you choose to grow, you’ll never outgrow 1Life,” says Michael Lees-Rolfe, Executive Creative Director at Fox P2.

Six different locations were scouted in the aim of clearly and concisely demonstrating the growth that we go through in life – from meagre beginnings as a young couple still finding themselves, to upscaling their home in their older years. The shots selected were used to demonstrate that growth is not a snapshot in time, it is the culmination of endless moments and decisions that lead us to an ultimate growth moment in life. The locations were chosen to portray, as accurately as possible, these moments – moments that each and every one of us has experienced at one point or another.

“Life insurance is about creating a lasting positive impact for consumers. We strive towards this by providing an agile, affordable and convenient offering – one that helps consumers

see life’s changes through a positive lens for growth and fulfilment and that aims to serve the very needs of each individual consumer,” continues Liese.

“This is our third campaign focused towards emotive advertising and we believe that, as with our previous brand advert, we have really started entrenching in the minds of consumers the importance of protecting themselves and their loved ones,” concludes Liese.

Watch the behind the scenes video and latest 1Life brand advert

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