3 Beauty secrets to get your skin glowing for date night

Date nights are an important part of maintaining a relationship, whether you’ve been dating for a few months or married for a few years.

Whether planned or spontaneous, getting ready for date night requires effort and can send us into a spin, no matter how much time you have: months, weeks, overnight, or even minutes.

A major component, especially in summer, is transforming your skin from dry and dull to luminous and naturally glowing. Here are some top secrets to help you get your skin looking amazing, from head to toe.

The face

Before putting on that dazzling outfit, your face and hair need to be ready and that takes time, and yes, he can wait an extra 30 minutes. Make-up can help enhance your natural beauty, but your skin also needs some tender loving care to give you that long-lasting glow.

For a glowing skin, follow the same routine each day: cleanse, exfoliate, tone, mask, serum (older, damaged skins), and finally, moisturise with built-in SPF. These steps can be done in 30min and for the short time-investment, there are long-term benefits to prevent sun damage, wrinkling and sagging skin.

By exfoliating the skin, you are encouraging new skin renewal and the encouragement of collagen production – the protein that holds the structure of the skin. While you’re getting ready, treat yourself to a glass of water with a cucumber ‘curl’ to refresh and detox your body and skin.

The body

Securing an even skin tone can be challenging, Geraldine Augustine-Darwood from Perfume brand Gold Series says, “Flawlessly beautiful skin tone doesn’t have to come about from stretching the budget on expensive serums, we need to start the process of flawless skin for the body, similarly with a gentle exfoliation – body brush, granular scrub.

With exfoliated skin, the moisturising product will be able to sink into the skin more easily, and hydrate the skin deeper, as opposed to lathering on the product onto dead skin.

With exfoliation, the skin will be smoother and glow with radiance once a lotion has been applied to the skin”.

Not only is it important to moisturise your body to get it glowing, it’s equally important to have a lotion with a fragrance that will make heads turn as you walk into your date night venue.

Formulated with glycerine and vitamin E, with Gold Series’ new Body Talk Glamour Perfume body lotion you get to experience the best of both worlds.

The hands and feet

Caring for your hands and feet isn’t everyone’s top priority, but there’s nothing more gorgeous and alluring than beautifully moisturised and manicured hands and feet.

The secret to having enviably good-looking hands and feet for date night is exfoliating them just before you leave the house with a gentle granular scrub for top of hands and feet & pumice stone for the hard, thick soles of your feet .

Too late to pamper your nails with a mani and pedi? A quick pop of colour on your nails to make your look and feel glam-ready.

Augustine-Darwood says, “The best kept secret to keeping your skin glowing is selecting the right body lotion that will cater for your skin type and keep you moisturised all day. Smooth and glowing skin gives you extra confidence and that is ultimately what every woman wants to feel.”

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