Agility is key in helping businesses accelerate growth

In these prevailing tough economic conditions where competition continues to intensify, customer loyalty is being tested and profit margins are coming under pressure, businesses need to remain resilient and agile.

Morne Cronje, Head of Franchising at FNB Business says, “changing market conditions and evolving customer needs require businesses to be agile and respond quickly in order to take advantage of opportunities and proactively respond to any potential business challenges.”

In line with the theme for the upcoming 8th FNB Franchise Leadership Summit ‘agility accelerates growth’ speakers, Desi Gilbert from Engen and Burt Gunning of Gunret Foods share their thoughts and insights on what agility means to them:

“We operate in a highly competitive market with fuel retailers all vying for consumer loyalty. Our agility is reinforced by our strategic partners; therefore, we choose our partners carefully and make sure that they will adapt to changes in the market with us,” says Gilbert.

“As a KFC franchisee for the past 35 years, we work well within the franchise framework guidelines, but are also able to give input to the franchisor’s response to changes in the market through forums and panels established by the franchisor, such as the franchisee council,” says Gunning.

“We have an open dialogue with the franchisor and can discuss the consumer response at restaurant level that can affect various aspects of our business. Once a decision is made it is adhered to. Our approach has always been solutions based, and we work together with the franchisor to develop solutions that ensure that KFC remains responsive to changes in the market place,” adds Gunning.

The ‘agility accelerates growth’ theme will be adequately unpacked by esteemed franchising experts during the upcoming FNB Franchising Leadership Summit, where they will further share insights about their respective industries while unpacking their personal experiences and best practises.

The complete list of speakers at the summit include: Siphamandla Mkhwanazi, Senior Economist at FNB; Burt Gunning, founder and managing director of Gunret Foods; Desi Gilbert, Head of Convenience Strategy and Partnerships at Engen; GG Alcock, Author and Entrepreneur; Portia Mngomezulu, Founder and Managing Director of Portia M Skin Solutions; Ryan Bacher, Co-Founder and Managing Director of NetFlorist; Chris Yelland, Managing Director, EE Business Intelligence; Madelaine Krige, Melanie Ramjee, Warrick Guest and James Maposa.

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