‘Business For SA’ calls on country to #SpreadCourage and support to all frontline health care workers

In solidarity with Government and all frontline health care workers across the country, Business for South Africa (B4SA) is asking citizens to help spread a message of courage and support to all frontline workers, as they lead the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. 

B4SA today launched the ‘Courage is Contagious’ campaign, aimed at celebrating the critical role played by doctors, nurses, paramedics, community health care workers and pharmacists.

The campaign calls on all South Africans to share videos, pictures and messages of support across social media to encourage health care workers as the country heads deeper into the pandemic, and to attach the hashtag #SpreadCourage.

The campaign began with the launch of an advertisement on DSTV, SABC and eTV, which was made by editing together authentic mobile video clips and images supplied by healthcare workers and their loved ones.

Dr. Tshegofatso Gopane, who is leading the ‘Courage is Contagious’ campaign on behalf of B4SA, says,: “Our health care workers are profoundly important in our collective battle against the pandemic.

As we move into the peak, and our hospitals fill up with patients, their daily task is becoming far tougher, more frightening, and more demanding.

This is our time, as South Africa, to rally behind them, not only to encourage and support them but also to let them know that the country deeply appreciates the risks they are taking on our behalf.”

Besides showing our appreciation and support for frontline health care workers, B4SA is also calling on every South African, in every city, town and village, to heed our President and Minister of Health’s call to help the health care system by taking ownership of our own health and practicing social distancing, washing our hands, and wearing masks.

“The only way to beat this virus is to be aware of how our actions and choices impact on both ourselves and the people around us. The time has come to be acutely aware of our collective responsibility towards each other.  Let us beat this together, by taking heed of all the excellent advice shared by our Government and all the health experts,” says Gopane.

Everyone working on this campaign has done so on a volunteer basis. “We would like to thank the team at Joe Public United, and the editor, Jamie Taylor from House on Fire Films, for their time, energy and creative efforts in bringing this campaign to life in such a moving and thought-provoking way. “

According to Gareth Leck, CEO of Joe Public United, the campaign offers ordinary South Africans the opportunity to help shape our future by celebrating the bravery of our frontline heroes, sharing their stories and telling everyone how their actions inspire you. Because… Courage is contagious!

Says Leck, “As an organisation that is firmly committed to the growth of our people, clients and country, we are very excited to have had the opportunity to work on this campaign. South Africa is going through an incredibly tough time, and the people right in the middle of it are our frontline workers. It has been a great privilege to create a campaign that honours their incredible courage.”

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