Castle Lite takes Unlocks experience online with performances from Nasty C, Moozlie and The Kiffness

Castle Lite has planned a jam-packed digital experience for South Africans currently locked at home due to the Covid 19 outbreak. 

With the lockdown extended for another two weeks, the brand plans to keep South Africans entertained with a series of 30-minute live stream sessions of Castle Lite Unlocks in Bed premiering on Wednesday, 15 April 2020.

The digital experience will be streamed live on the brand’s YouTube channel and will be hosted by famed media personality and American Hip-Hop aficionado, Sway Calloway. For each view, Castle Lite intends to donate one rand to the Solidarity Response fund.

“We want to continue contributing to this genre’s already-massive footprint by bringing it all home; the same epic experience Castle Lite Unlocks is known for, on a different scale, in your home. This bold new move will also allow Castle Lite to continue to make a bigger contribution to African Hip-Hop. We are excited to be venturing into new territory as we establish a digital entertainment platform to satisfy your need for entertainment during the extended lockdown period,” said Castle Lite Brand Director, Silke Bucker.

Be sure to catch Unlocks in Bed With … at 19:30 on 15 April 2020 live on Castle Lite’s official YouTube channel (CastleLiteSA). The performance highlights will then be available online and can still be watched on the channel after the show has ended.

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