Celebrating the Spirit of Generosity through Tastic Education Fund

At the beginning of 2021, Tastic in collaboration with Laduma Ngxokolo was able to raise over R730 000.00 which benefited 30 deserving tertiary students in need of assistance towards their tertiary fees, living up to the true brand purpose of true generosity.

In celebration of 60years of perfect partnership, Tastic has partnered continue the Tastic Education fund in a bid to aid tertiary students to quality education.

This year Tastic and Mukheli twins (in collaboration with and Sthu Manaka who form part of the Art My Loves, a movement which educates the market, enables art lovers, fans and collectors’ access to their work), aims to raise up to R 1 000 000,00 in the bid to afford 60 deserving students in 2021 to have access to quality education through the Tastic fund.

This was launched through an intimate art exhibition at the home of fine art and tasteful culinary experiences, Rosebank.

The robust art collection which comprised of the Trio’s work will be exhibited at the heart of Rosebank on Trumpet on Keyes from the 18th November till 9th December where it will then be auctioned and sold.

Proceeds from the auction will go towards continuing the Tastic Legacy Educational fund that will enable deserving students who lack funding for higher education

“When producing this body of work we were influenced by a number of factors that aided us to narrate authentic African stories that will encourage giving in abundance such as graffiti, street art, pop art and graphic design.

My brother Justice is known for creating intellectually and emotionally dense art and films, where as I love creating illustrative portraiture. Sthu Manaka’s contemporary paintings were really the perfect ingredient to completing this collection as we continue to revolutionise the creative space by partnering with brands such as Tastic. Says fine art designer Fhatuwani Mukheli

“We are truly honoured to be part of a campaign that will be giving young children much like ourselves at the time the opportunity to chase their dreams and expand their capabilities further without finances being a problem. We encourage the public to visit the Tastic exhibition at the Trumpet building to be inspired and form part of our journey by owning a piece from this phenomenal collection ” Says Photographer and creative entrepreneur Justice Mukheli.

“Perfect partnerships have enabled us to express our brand purpose as a way of cementing the legacy of Tastic in the spaces where we can make tangible differences in the lives of our consumers. Partnering with the Mukheli twins will showcase once again that we are all about paying it forward for our people, not just with the rice but through taking it beyond the functional base of our brand and contributing towards education” says Thembi Sehloho Marketing Director for Rice and Pasta at Tiger Brands.

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