Courvoisier Gastronomy Experience in partnership with Les Creatifs Restaurant

The dance between food, art, and liquid is one that will leave you captured, always. There is beauty in seeing these different artistries intertwine and morphed into a beautiful creation.

Gastronomy is an expression that is more recently finding itself in the African continent and there are many demonstrations of it that can never go unnoticed.

Courvoisier partnered with Les Creatives Restaurants to showcase the marriage between fine dining and the Courvoisier liquid.

For almost two centuries, Courvoisier has meticulously and passionately handcrafted award-winning cognacs by combining two equally important ingredients – traditional techniques and relentless drive to innovate.

That’s the core of what inspired the partnership between Michelin star Chef Wandile Mabaso and Courvoisier to create the: Gastronomy Experience. Courvoisier’s constant need to innovate and showcase brand versatility through the enjoyment of the liquid and Chef Wandile’s eagerness to step beyond the status quo in the creation of his gastronomic dishes was the very things that birthed the partnership.

The Courvoisier Gastronomy Experience in partnership with Les Creatives Restaurants hosted dinners in celebration of African individuals that are championing brilliance in their fields – the people hosted at dinners varied from Carol Bouwe, Ayanda Dambuza, Zanele Muholi, Donald Nxumalo and the groom social.

Each night was a detailed demonstration of the connection the Courvoisier liquid has to experiences that link to the enjoyment of fine dining, art, and jazz.

The main reason we birthed the ‘Courvoisier Gastronomy Experience’ was to educate our consumer on the depth of our liquid, we wanted fuse the story of our heritage and liquid into an experience that would leave our consumer at awe said Nonkululeko Mcanyana, Courvoisier SA Brand Manager.

Chef Wandile paid attention to the Courvoisier blend when creating his dishes and ensured that we honored the VS blend that is aged between three and seven years composed principally of Fin Bois with a hand of Petite Champagne. The Chef and his team utilized the fact that Courvoisier has rich aromas, fresh and oaky balances that allowed for the pairing to be elevated.

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