DStv subscribers vent their frustrations, MultiChoice CEO responds

DStv subscribers have shared their opinions in a series of letters published in the Cape Argus newspaper, thereafter after seeing their concerns MultiChoice CEO Mark Rayner responded. 

The letters are presented below as they appeared in the newspaper, as well as the reply from Rayner (last letter on the page).

In these most unusual circumstances, we have seen many organisations stepping up to the community plate. How sad – or should I say typical – that DStv has yet to find the plate. Instead, we are bludgeoned with their expensive “how great are we”, oops, sorry, “Stay moved” advertisements.

There has been one change, the addition of HBO, aka Binge or Channel 114. Here we have been treated to the brilliant – if short-lived and now six-year-old – Newsroom and the 19-year-old Band of Brothers.

Why do I need Catch Up when I have repeat? How many times are we to be subjected to the clever and now dated Bourne trilogy and Fast and Furious (many extensions of it)? The relationship spawned from Mr & Mrs Smith has long run its course, with Mrs Smith becoming a director and Mr Smith picking up a supporting actor award across all the movie awards this year.

As for Midsomer Murders, can we at least get the onscreen information correct, like the series and the episode, and even the actors?

I am fed-up with paying for a service which, at best, is mediocre. At worst, it is appalling. How about your lockdown community service donation being Showmax for free, as opposed to charging us? After all, you have a captive audience – well, those of us who have not moved to Netflix.

* Jacqui Canning, Table View.

** The views expressed here are not necessarily those of Independent Media.

Poor Show DStv!

I would like to add to the excellent letter from Jacqui Cannings on DStv offerings. I have the Premium package, which I have had from its inception. My viewing options are mainly sport, which because of Covid-19 is now non-existent.

I have asked for a reduction on my monthly subscription but haven’t received a reply. My wife’s favourite programmes are on the ITV and BBC channels.

Since the lockdown, we’ve noticed various annoying traits:

  • Quiz programmes like The Chase and Tipping Point are continuously repeated, as are comedy programmes.
  • Advertising during the programmes can last over three minutes, four times in a one-hour show, and even advertising the very show you are watching, spoiling the viewing pleasure of that show.

DStv will lose customers!

* Bill Mallett, Claremont.

** The views expressed here are not necessarily those of Independent Media.

DStv increase fair 

I write in support of Jacqui Canning. Her letter described its service as at best “mediocre”, and at worst “appalling”.

One wonders what the producers are thinking while they organise the shows; perhaps they are having sleepless days? Without live sport they certainly don’t have sufficient stock to keep us from boredom.

However, I can see that “help” is being sought and that the funding thereof is to come from the R15 per month increase in DStv’s subscription. I speak for most subscribers when I say that I really appreciate the modesty of the increase, in light of the difficult times being thrust upon us.

I am sure many likeminded businesses will follow their commendable lead.

* RP Totos, Bergvliet.

** The views expressed here are not necessarily those of Independent Media.

Disconnect from DStv and obtain a discount 

I’ve been observing how readers write to this page about the grief they endure with DStv.

Do we pay the increase or not? Do we agree with an increase or not? Do we disconnect or not? The answer is simple. Do what I did.

After requesting DStv to do away with repeats that have been hogging the transmission for years, and requesting acceptable reasoning to my inquiring about the validity of an increase in subscription, the response absolutely disappointed.

I decided to pluck up the courage to let them know that I had had enough. That’s it. I’m disconnecting.

My decision for this action was based purely on the fact that DStv just does not give a hoot. Seriously. There is no value for money. And here is what happened. Two months after being off air, I received notification that instead of the R365 a month, I would pay R299 if I reconsidered.

Follow the success of my action: disconnect in your hundreds. Call your neighbourhood. Suffer in silence for one to three months as a collective and I kid you not – voilà! You will be reconnected at a very nicely reduced tariff. It worked with me. Guaranteed, it will work with the 150 of you.

* Ebrahim Wydeman, Surrey Estate.

** The views expressed here are not necessarily those of Independent Media.

It’s time DStv switched on courtesy

I agree with the recent letters regarding DStv… it is turning into a farce. They spend hours advertising A New Series which turns out to be one that was aired a few months ago – not one programme, but most.

They cannot even get the series episodes in the right order. It’s an absolute nightmare to sort it out.

As far as the increase is concerned, thank you to the reader who informed us, as DStv hasn’t got the courtesy to inform viewers the price will be going up. I’m paying more than R900 a month “for what?”

DStv spends hours advertising that they contribute to charities all over the place.

It might be a good idea to spend some of that money on worthwhile entertainment for its customers.

They know that it’s DStv or nothing, as SABC is not worth talking about. Service from DStv? No, I don’t think so.

* TS Gallon, Steenberg.

** The views expressed here are not necessarily those of Independent Media.

DStv proving it cares about subscribers –  Mark Rayner, CEO: MultiChoice:

In two editions of the Cape Argus last week, readers wrote about their concerns with their DStv services.

As DStv, we take our role as an entertainment provider seriously and do take heed of all the concerns raised by our customers, such as Jacqui Canning and RP Totos, the two letter writers.

In these unusual and uncertain times brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic disruptions, we have seen sport federations across the world prioritising the safety of players and fans, live sport suffered as measures were implemented to limit the spread of Covid-19.

With welcomed postponements and cancellations of live sport events, we bought some of the best award-winning sport documentaries globally and produced thematic channels to relive the greatest sporting moments of all time.

The SuperSport team further bought a selection of the greatest sporting films and are showing them every night on SuperSport 1. In addition, SS1 has been opened to DStv Compact Plus and Compact, and SS7 to DStv Access customers. There is also the interactive Keep Fit content on Supersport Blitz, broadcast daily at 8am and 5pm.

On education, we now have revision lessons for more high school learners on Mindset PoP, and on Catch Up. We also launched another education channel, Da Vinci.

Our kids in DStv Compact, Family and Access homes have enjoyed Nickelodeon and we introduced the Toonami channel to keep them entertained during their holidays.

In keeping our subscribers informed, we introduced Africanews and enabled more customers to see international news channels. We also enabled the African Easter channel for customers unable to celebrate the Easter weekend with their congregations in person.

Last week we broadcast the widely received and popular Global Citizen concert live.

During this difficult period, we have contributed towards a number of relief efforts such as the distribution of food parcels in areas such as Diepsloot and Khayelitsha. We have also lessened the impact on our production houses with a relief fund of R80 million aimed at assisting cast and crew, vital to industry.

Last week we partnered with two PSL teams, Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs, in helping the government with the contribution of personal protective equipment for front-line workers who continue the fight against Covid-19.

We hope all of the above shows we take our responsibility to our customers, our industry and our country very seriously and we care about the concerns raised by our customers such as Ms Canning and RP Totos.

** The views expressed here are not necessarily those of Independent Media.

Cape Argus

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