Embracing the end: How to deal with a cohabitational breakup

Relationships are extremely dynamic and unique.

What strengthens the foundation of one relationship may be the undoing of another, and both external and internal factors influence the bonds we have with others.

The most common external factor that is currently affecting relationships now, of course, is lockdown.

This is a challenge for many cohabitational couples, as they are forced to live together 24/7. For some, lockdown may bolster their relationship to new heights, while for others it might just spell the end.

On this episode of Chatting Change, an online talk show brought to you by needs-matched life insurer, BrightRock, Rami Chuene and Nhlakanipho Manqele sit down with Psychologist Mpho Molepo to talk about the legal and emotional implications of a cohabitational breakup, and exactly how you can go about dealing with it.

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