eNCA goes hi-tech to improve News coverage on the African continent

eNCA is taking news coverage to new technological heights with its innovative use of one of the largest video walls in Africa and also with the launch of Arti, an exciting Augmented Reality (AR) data reporting system.

News broadcasting technologies driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) are being introduced to the broadcasting workflow globally.

These technologies increase productivity, efficiency and creative opportunities for broadcasters. The use of AR enables news channels to convey data in a 3D format, thereby enhancing the viewer experience of regular news coverage and special events.

Although AR is used internationally, eNCA is the first and only broadcaster to bring this type of AR technology to the African continent.

Arti is an award-winning AR tool, that allows journalists to tell engaging stories and share data reports in real time be it at live events, on-location or in-studio.

Michael Marillier, eNCA’s Data Reporter, officially launched the AR technology called Arti to viewers on DStv channel 403 most recently. He used Arti to display survey responses from South Africa, India and France on the acceptance of the newly developed COVID-19 vaccine.


The way Arti works, is it takes data streams from the cloud, collects it and shares it in the form of user-friendly AR graphics.

Rosemary Rogers, Head of Department: Technical Operations at eNCA explains further, “Arti brings data reporting to life using state-of-the-art AI and AR technology.  It adds a deeper dimension to our technical offering and allows us to convert data into 3D elements in real time.”

Norman Munzhelele, Managing Director, eNCA, says, “Arti combined with the use of the largest video wall in Africa and HD technology is going to have a significant impact on eNCA’s coverage of the 2021 municipal elections. eNCA is renowned for its leading news coverage and the use of cutting-edge technology allows us to stay on top of our game by enhancing the viewing experience in an incredible way.”

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