Ethos Restaurant reopens its doors after Covid-19 restrictions

Food has always been more to the Mediterranean people than just sustenance. Rather, it is the spirit of what defines their romance and is the vehicle through which they express their love for the world around them.

This is the inspiration of ETHOS – a stellar new restaurant in the heart of Morningside, Sandton, Johannesburg, which boasts a philosophy of Mediterranean cuisine. Ethos reopened its doors after closing in compliance to the COVID-19 lockdown.

The launch was a way for the fairly new Mediterranean restaurant to showcase its new menu which was worked on diligently during g the lockdown.

For generations, the shores of the Mediterranean have been deeply alluring: Embedded in its story is not only the warmth of its spirit but the romance of its tales and its people – the feeling of timelessness brought on by its ancient and iconic landscapes.

In Johannesburg, a world away, this philosophy finds a home. Far from the distant shores of the infinitely alluring, Joburgers also find comfort and culture in the culinary experience and how food brings us all together.

Now, at ETHOS, that gastronomic delight reaches its apex as its creators look to bring you the ultimate Mediterranean experience through an immersive culinary affair with food. The launch was attended by Joburgers who have a love for luxury experiences and culinary adventures.

When asked what inspired the place, Chris and Giorgio the father son duo who are the faces and hearts behind the Ethos brands, Said Ethos represents heritage to them, on they want to share with people all over the world.

We knew that opening Ethos in South Africa, was the best move because there’s no other place in the world as diverse , inclusive and filled with heritage like South Africa, commented Giorgio. This summer, Ethos will cultivate the palettes as hearts of many South Africans.

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