Former Worship House Member releases New Solo EP

After organising and hosting her solo music concerts, Shibu Molomo started recording her debut EP Modimo Ke Sethakga released in February 2020. The album includes traditional hymns and new compositions.  

Gospel Artist Shibu Molomo grew up in Mookgopong formerly known as Naboomspruit in Limpopo. A place like Mookgophong does not offer much to a child as musically gifted as Shibu Molomo, however, this did not stop her from pursuing music from a young age.

The province of Limpopo musically is known as the place where Zion gospel music triumphs due to two dominant churches found in the province.

Shibu was exposed to this type of music from an early age, from artists such as Oleseng Shuping, Winnie Mashaba and Masole A Tumelo.

Pursuing Music 

As an adult and singer with the Mookgopong Community Gospel Choir, Shibu Molomo entered and won a singing competition spearheaded by the Limpopo Arts and Culture department called I Can Sing.

It was this competition that led to her being mentored by renowned Fuba School Of Drama And Visual Arts former Tutor Miss Precious Makgabe Manaka.

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In 2014, the Limpopo powerhouse gospel group Worship House recruited Shibu Molomo. She went on to record with the group on their eponymous Worship House – Project 12 recorded over the long weekend in May 2015.

She was given a chance to showcase her vocal abilities on this project through a song called Mollo Wa Jeso.

Following her amazing work with Worship House, Shibu Molomo started doing covers – recording them and posting them on social media.

One of these covers was Winnie Mashaba’s song. It got to Winnie Mashaba’s ears. Soon after, Shibu Molomo was backing Winnie Mashaba and subsequently asked to perform as an independent artist.

Digital Music 

Apple Music

YouTube Live Performance

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