Future Farm: Forget the resolutions, taste the revolution!

Future Farm’s plant-based revolution makes ambitious New Year resolutions easier to achieve. The key is balance, sustainability, and healthy eating, without losing out on pleasure.

A new year, a new you – those new year’s resolutions can really put the pressure on.

Rather than setting unrealistically high targets and goals that will have you ditching your idealistic resolutions before February hits, aim for balance. Go meatless one or two days a week, rather than giving it up entirely.

Small sustainable steps that don’t take you too far out of your comfort zone. Stretching those comfort zone boundaries gently is far more likely to lead to lasting change.

Say healthy eating is your goal but you love burgers. Don’t tell yourself it’s going to be salads every day from now on. Be kind to yourself. When that burger craving hits, simply substitute a Future Farm plant-based burger for your regular meat one.

You’ll get plenty of plant-based goodness and protein, with all the satisfaction of sinking your teeth into a juicy burger patty, that tastes just like meat. Pleasure, not deprivation, is what keeps us on track.

How can a plant-based burger be as delicious and juicy as a meat one? Future Farm have focussed a whole lot of research and cutting-edge food tech on creating the ultimate meatless burger.

Based in Brazil, their original customer base was a beef-loving, meat-packing country, so they had to create an overwhelmingly convincing product to tempt anyone to make the change.

They sold 9 million burgers in their first 18 months (23% of all burger sales, meat or not, at the country’s biggest retailer) at a time when plant-based meat alternatives were practically unknown in Brazil, a huge sign that they had a winning recipe.

In 2021 they improved the recipe even further and brought it to the rest of the world, where they are already firmly among the global leaders of meatless meat alternatives.

Bite into a succulent Future burger and it feels like you’re eating meat. A mixture of GMO-free soy, pea and chickpea protein with beetroot for colour and a pleasing texture, the Future burger has just enough coconut oil to create the right fat balance for juiciness. These are all natural ingredients – no long list of E numbers and preservatives.

More good news if the health of the planet is on your 2022 resolution list – Future Farm was started out of concern for the environment. The founders saw the devastating impact that large scale cattle farming is having on the Amazon rainforest and were determined to do something about it.

Just replacing meat with soy and pea protein wasn’t enough. They source only from farmers who are growing ethically as members of the Responsible Soy Association – GMO-free soy beans that are certified deforestation-free.

Sustainability, reducing their carbon footprint, and protection of our planet’s natural resources are the driving forces behind Future Farm’s mission to provide the world with delicious plant-based alternatives to meat.

So, start the year off on a positive note. Be kind to yourself, be kind to the planet and let Future Farm help us all on our way to a healthier future

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