Gearing up for post Covid-19

By: Bruno Mundela, Chief Operations Officer

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a number of disruptions that have consequently led to increased levels of anxiety across several industries. Entrepreneurs have had to make extremely difficult decisions that affect the functionality of their businesses.

The National Department of Health projected that more than 60% of South Africans will get the coronavirus disease and 20% will be severely affected. This raising concerns for many employees on the unrecognisable life we now call the ‘new normal’.

Travelstart DomesticA time where physical human contact is a dreaded scenario no matter the basis. Without a doubt Covid-19 has taught us many valuable lessons including the power of evolution as businesses are gearing up to roll out their digital strategies, which have now been a crucial must have in an organisational plan and structure. Those failing to adapt playing chance at their luck.

So what does life post the Covid-19 pandemic look like, more especially in the work place? A definite shift in work culture from the set up to easing employees’ stress and converting it into inspiration.

Those businesses that can need to engage in a dialogue with their employees of allowing the norm for choice in working from home as opposed to coming in the office on a daily.

When the workplace culture is healthy it prohibits the decline in the quality of work produced by the employees. Perhaps ‘home offices and home-work stations’ are one of the changes that will come with the Covid – 19 pandemic that is widely seen as the uncomfortable catalyst that the world needs for transformation.

Post the pandemic we see many employees looking for organizational culture that allows for flexibility and customization as the fear of close proximity working will still be a concern. An opportunity for employers to invest in employee wellness to prompt productivity, creativity and an honest assessment on business offerings, consumers and goals to be achieved.

And while these changes require allocation of budgets towards such challenges faced. The Covid-19 pandemic suggest that in such times of heightened anxiety and uncertainty organisations need to plan ahead and not have their pants caught down with sacrificing the wellbeing of the workforce.

Additionally in a recent article by the World Health Organisation UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, stressed the cumulative impact of stress, grief, and anxiety he further adds, “Unless we act now to address the mental health needs associated with the pandemic, there will be enormous long-term consequences for families, communities and societies.”

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