Global Entrepreneurship Week: Take your business idea online

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), which takes place from 8 to 14 November, is highlighting the critical role of small businesses in uplifting local economies.

With the acceleration of digital adoption, spurred on by Covid-19, this year’s celebration spotlights the importance of investing in a strong online presence for small businesses looking to scale.

In celebration of GEW and to help drive the growth of small businesses, local web-hosting company is offering a complete online setup package to three local entrepreneurs who register a domain during Global Entrepreneurship Week and the month of November – at no cost to them.

The business-in-a-box package includes company registration, a professional email address, domain hosting, and a do-it-yourself e-commerce website builder, the cost of which will be covered for a year.

“Using an integrated online setup package ensures entrepreneurs can focus on what they know – running their business – without spending too much time or energy on setting up their online presence,” says head of 1-grid, Thomas Vollrath.

“The ability to register a matching business and domain name at the same time streamlines the process even further, and ensures that a business owns its online image from the beginning. It also looks more professional, helps to build customer trust, boosts SEO, and drives website traffic.”

As part of their business-in-a-box offering, will be launching a new scheduling function, which forms part of their current website builder product. This gives customers an opportunity to book appointments directly via a business’ website; “One of the major legacies of the pandemic is the convenience of browsing, shopping, and booking appointments online.

The added functionality ensures a seamless experience, ideal for hair salons, doctor’s offices, and even tattoo artists,” says Vollrath.

For first-time website creators, knowing what to look for in your website builder can save you time, energy, and money.

“When you’re just getting started, a simple and easy-to-use website builder is the best option to avoid frustration. Depending on your needs, you’ll want to look out for a builder that offers SSL certificates, web analytics, SEO support, and payment integration, if you’re making sales directly within your website,” says Vollrath.

In addition to building brand credibility, an online presence is critical when it comes to sharing discounts and sales ahead of major retail events. “Taking your business online ahead of Black Friday is a great way to communicate deals before payday and leverage the hype generated by big retailers around this time,” says Vollrath.


With a focus on SMBs in South Africa, offers an all-in-one digital solution, including business and domain name registration, a website building tool, SSL certificates, web security packages, web and email hosting, website design and online marketing expertise. For more information on how to enter the draw for the free online setup packages, visit

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