How to access tertiary education sites for FREE with CELL C

Cell C has zero-rated a number of tertiary education sites on its network to assist teachers and students with e-learning during the COVID-19 nationwide lockdown.

To help customers stay connected and save on data, these sites can be accessed at zero cost through their smart devices.

The sites that have been zero-rated are as follows:

–          The University of Johannesburg
–          The University of the Witwatersrand
–          The University of the Western Cape
–          Stellenbosch University
–          Nelson Mandela University
–          Rhodes University
–          Mangosuthu University of Technology
–          Walter Sisulu University
–          The University of Venda

A full list of the sites and services can be found on Cell C’s website. Cell C says it has plans to update the list regularly; the company is working in adherence to guidance provided by the Department of Communication and Digital Technology, which is aligned to the ministerial task team in terms of enabling e-learning during this time.

“We are pleased to do our part to help South Africa’s students and educators during this unprecedented time in our country,” says Hazel Chimhandamba, Cell C’s Executive Head Of Marketing.

Alongside the university sites, Cell C already has numerous free services in place to keep customers informed and connected including:

–          Free access to essential information including local and international headlines, education sites, health sites, weather services and more through Free Basics/

–          The national COVID-19 website (

–          Free push SMSes promoting the COVID-19 WhatsApp number 0600 123 456

–          Free access to Mpilo: Healthcare in Your Hands app, which was recently enhanced to help with Coronavirus screenings

–          Access to Free Basics by Facebook

–          Free Access to MomConnect, The Department of Health’s maternal service

–          5 Free SMSes per day, which is available through the Cell C app (also zero-rated for customers

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