HOW TO SAVE for your celebrations

There is always been some sort of emotional attachment to celebrations; whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary or other special life events. Birthdays are just one of those special days that we celebrate at every age and that why it is important to plan if you are considering a themed party for your kids. 

The themed parties can simply include balloons, cakes, funky party packs, cool entertainment, mouth-watering sweets and the latest and trendiest gifts on the market.

Parties are a great way for loved ones and friends to get together and celebrate that special person in their life, but sometimes it comes at a high-cost. Ester Ochse, Product Head, FNB Money Management says, “With the current rate of inflation and cost of living, celebrations whether small or big can add up considerably. You need to be cognisant of ‘party’ costs whether celebrating your child’s 5th birthday or a parent’s 50th.”

Skipping on your child’s party due to budget constraints is not the ideal solution. “As your children grow older their list of expectations will grow even bigger. Rather plan and ensure that you have enough money allocated for their parties and for other events,” says Ochse. “Things add up quite easily and before you know it, you are spending more than what you budgeted for.”

So how do you plan your kids dream party and remain within budget. She advises that parents should look your P-A-R-T-Y needs:


Planning your child’s party in advance is a must, especially if he/she is celebrating a milestone or crown birthday. You need to decide what you can afford and whether it sits within your budget. It also depends on what your party needs are, so ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I have the party at home, or should I hire an outside venue?
  • Can my home accommodate my family, friends and the additional party logistics of entertainment, catering etc?
  • Can I afford the party venue? Does the venue provide catering, entertainment or must I bring all of this in?
  • How many people can it host?
  • What am I prepared to pay per person?

If you not sure of the costs, do a comparative budget and determine what would work best for your current lifestyle, given your other household and family expenses.  Remember to include a little bit in the budget for the unexpected costs.


Your children’s happiness means the world to you. Celebrations are not only aspirations for you and your children but also an opportunity to manage your money properly. You need to ensure that your budget caters for celebrations and parties so that when the time arise to host the perfect celebration it will be in line with your budget and not cause stress on your part. If you know that a major birthday is coming up in the next few years, start by putting a little bit of money away every month.


You need to be realistic about your party goals. A party creates beautiful memories and leaves your child happy and proud. Be realistic about your party goals and again ask yourself the questions below:

  • Why are you having this party?
  • Is it a crown birthday or milestone?
  • Can I afford a party?
  • What have I budgeted for? Can I afford it?
  • Do I have any other big non-negotiable expenses coming up that need to be considered, such as a car service or tyres?


Time like everything else is of the essence. If you are the creative type create cool party decorations, you an even involve the kids and make it a family activity. Use templates from the internet or Pinterest to get your creative juices going. If that doesn’t work for you, party planners are available but then again ensure that you budget as they can come at a high cost.


Some celebrations are held on an annual basis, so make note and highlight these celebrations in your calendar. This will help you to start budgeting at the beginning of the year. It will also help you identify which ones you can celebrate and which ones you can buy gifts for.

Celebrating those special moments in your life are important. “Key to these celebrations is to plan, budget and ensure that you have catered enough for these events. And if you haven’t started saving for your celebration, start now – it will make a difference in your life and also give you comfort that you have a plan in place,” concludes Ochse

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