HUAWEI Mobile Cloud, a safe, intuitive storage environment for all your digital needs

By now, most of you know that ‘the cloud’ is more than just something that brings rain. It provides us with a secure, user-friendly and virtually limitless storage environment to save our precious memories.

With HUAWEI Mobile Cloud, you can easily store things that matter most and keep your entire digital life up to date across all your devices.

Whether it is pictures, videos, contacts or important documents and password data, HUAWEI Mobile Cloud provides you with a flexible solution that fits your busy lifestyle. Accessible from any device, it really is as easy as logging in with your HUAWEI ID and accessing your digital vault of memories or documents whenever you need it.

Schedule your backups

One of the things that nobody enjoys doing is performing regular backups of your data on your devices. This can be quite a chore.

Thanks to HUAWEI Mobile Cloud, you can rest easy with scheduled automatic data backups. Simply select what you want to backup, including images, contacts, calendars, notes, messages, and app data, for absolute peace of mind. Best of all, when you get that snazzy new upgrade, simply log in to HUAWEI Mobile Cloud and perform a one-touch transfer.

Keeping everything safe

However, performing backups is just one piece of the digital puzzle. HUAWEI Mobile Cloud provides you with a space that delivers the highest levels of data security and privacy protection. This sees Huawei dedicated to creating ultra-secure cloud storage services by using industry-leading privacy protection technologies.

In fact, HUAWEI Mobile Cloud has attained top global certifications, demonstrating its ability to provide comprehensive and powerful privacy and security protection. This rigorous privacy compliance can stand the strictest scrutiny of third-party authorities and gives you peace of mind that your digital data is kept as safe as possible.

Space for everything

One of the coolest things about keeping your digital content safely stored in the cloud is that the sky’s literally the limit when it comes to space. For starters, you have 5GB of space completely free. If that’s not enough, you can choose from a variety of bigger sizes.

Starting at only R14.99 per month for 50GB and scaling all the way up to a whopping 2048GB for R149.99 per month, choose the package that meets your demanding storage needs.

Head on over today to HUAWEI Mobile Cloud and access the most secure environment to keep your digital memories safe.

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