Jo Engelbrecht (Jo Black) and Danny Painter join forces to ‘make kindness trend’ with new show

Musician and performer Jo Engelbrecht (Jo Black) and television and radio presenter Danny Painter have announced the launch of their international joint venture, ‘The Jo and Danny Show’. This new vodcast is set to premiere its first episode on Monday 3 August 2020 – exclusive to and on Jacaranda

“What started as a conversation about spreading kindness, with a friend, through the platforms we already had, turned into something I could never have imagined,” Danny says.

In the promo, Jo and Danny talk about what they set out to achieve with this new show, they also tease the possibility of international guests, including George Clooney.

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Through informed discussions, lived experiences and stories, JO+DANNY will take you on a journey of healing, self-discovery and kindness.

Jo Engelbrecht (Jo Black), one of the biggest selling artists in South Africa, who has a track record of spreading positivity through both his music and his speaking engagements,  wants to shift gears – saying “here we are just Jo and just Danny, there are no fans, no backstage, just us. Real human connection with real human stories, everyone is part of the family. It’s a space I can open up in and allow people watching to get to know me, as me.”

‘People are curating their feeds and the things they consume so much more. Jo and I saw a gap that needed to be filled, a gap for uplifting, motivational conversations with real humans about real human things. That’s what the show is about,” Danny said of the content of the show. With years of stage acting, television presenting and now radio under her belt, she brings her unique interview style that allows people the space to open up and get really vulnerable.

People will be able to watch the episodes on XOTV ( and weekly on Jacaranda FM’s website (

Jo will also join Danny on Jacaranda FM every Wednesday on air to chat about the episodes and the interviews. ‘Love Songs with Danny Painter’ every Wednesday, between 8pm and 9pm starting on the 5th of August.

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