KFC celebrates the spirit of young Mzansi entrepreneurs

 KFC is recognising and fuelling the spirit of Mzansi’s young entrepreneurs who during these difficult, unprecedented times have turned lifehacks into real business opportunities.

True to the brand, KFC – through the launch of their Crunch Sliders, the new on-the-go snack – are using the opportunity to truly reward these Hack-A-Preneurs!

“South Africans are resilient in the face of adversity and this initiative aims to celebrate that! The initiative seeks to reward and uplift those young Hack-A-Preneurs with a creative pulse, the people bursting with energy and those looking to unlock new opportunities,” says Nolo Mohope, KFC Marketing Manager.

Using the new KFC Crunch Sliders on-the-go snack as a platform, KFC is identifying up-and-coming innovators, hustlers and hard workers on social media with the goal to reward one Hack-A-Preneur with a cash injection of a R50 000. The runner up will get R30 000 and third place R20 000. This amazing prize includes a business coach for three months and mainstream media publicity business profiling opportunities.

“This brand-new Crunch Slider snack remains the catalyst in recognising and fuelling those who are always on-the-go to. There is no better time than now to harness the spirit of this product to empower and uplift those people that are making a difference, not only for their own lives, but for the many lives that their passion and innovations will impact. Entrepreneurship in South Africa is alive and well and we want to celebrate, support and reward that!” continues Nolo.

“Most importantly however, for us it is about recognising the ones who are constantly pushing through adversity, but rarely get the recognition and support they deserve – and we are on a journey to do just that using our own platforms as a means to celebrate and access these individuals,” concluded Nolo.

KFC will continue searching for these entrepreneurs who are ‘hacking-life’ in different areas as we journey to crown the ultimate Hack-A-Preneur – authentically impacting and elevating a young South African entrepreneur.

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