King Korn hosts its first brewing Master Class in Soweto

King Korn, Africa’s cultural and heritage pride has recently hosted its first brewing Master Class at Lebo’s Backpackers in Soweto.

“Umcimbi” a celebration in Isizulu, which was packed with homemade umqombothi, saw the old and new generation exchanging skills and knowledge on how to make sorghum beer.

Speaking at the event, King Korn Brand Manager, Mbali Sibiya said, through “Umcimbi”, they wanted to celebrate and restore the culture of brewing.

“As King Korn, we pride ourselves with our culture and heritage. We believe that it is important for us as Africans to restore the culture of brewing. We need to celebrate brewing not only as part of our heritage and culture but as an art, newly acquired skill and a hobby.

“Our task as King Korn is to continue to unite families and create amazing memories. Whether you having a wedding,  bought your first car or house or got a new job, we want to celebrate with you,” Sibiya said.

Apiwe Nxusana-Mawela, South Africa’s first black female certified brew master, showcased her skills and taught local residents how to make umqombothi.

Nxusana-Mawela who is passionate about culture said, she wants to show the world that making umqombothi can be fun.

“I am fascinated by the fact that some relatives rely on Mamkhulu (grandmother) to travel thousands of kilometres from rural areas to come to the cities and make umqombothi for them when they have ceremonies.

“It’s about time that we as the new generation, modern men and women; yes you too modern makotis learn the art of crafting umqombothi. This will help to restore pride about who we are, our history and it will ensure that future generations know our tradition and history as Africans,” said Nxusana-Mawela.

The media and celebrities also took part in learning the craft of making umqombothi.

Guests had a good treat as they indulged on African Cuisine.

Star-singer, Neliswe Sibiya performed some of her hits, including Mama kaBafana”.

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