LEXLEO releases catchy brand new single about making a change

It starts with me
It starts with you
It starts with dust
So what we gonna do
Kancane kancane
We can all make a change
But we need everyone
Or the problems remain

A multi-talented and electrifying personality on the South African entertainment scene, LexLeo (also popularly known as Dr Smile, dentist to the stars) is widely celebrated for being a philanthropist.

In his latest music offering, LexLeo has released a brand new single titled Kancane Kancane, together with global movement Awake, about making a positive change for a better world, little by little, with the hope of influencing the mindsets of today’s younger generation.

His music is often peppered with elements of hip-hop and a unique Afro-Persian sound, but Kancane Kancane is LexLeo’s first afro-beat track.

“Each one of us is given unique capacities and talents; to find those talents, develop those capacities and use them for the good of humanity – well, what goal could be better than that?  Little by little, day by day, kancane kancane,” comments Lex Leo.

AWAKE is a global movement of young people focussed on making the world a better place by creating content with the aim of stimulating widespread discussion about key social issues; and this single embodies what the movement stands for altogether.

“Music has the power to light up a room.  At AWAKE, we decided to take this one step further and use music to spark discussions about real issues,” comments Awake CEO, Eashan Thakrar (22, born and raised in London and living in South Africa).

Filmed in the Zandspruit township, a music video for the single has also been released and has ignited a reaction for change.

You can view the music video here:

The EP is available on streaming and download platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.

Listen to the single here:

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/kancane-kancane/1514632919 


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