Lockdown and beyond activity ideas from The Crazy Store

For many South Africans, the nationwide lockdown due to the Covid-19 virus came as a surprise. Pantries were filled, families traveled to be together and all the possible admin that could be ticked off the list was taken care of. 

However, for homes filled with children, the days can drag by if there are no plans for the day. The Crazy Store understands how frustrating this can be and has pulled together a list of activities you can try during lockdown and beyond to keep everyone in the house entertained.

A drawing game 

One person starts the game by drawing a shape on a piece of paper and passing it to the next player, who adds onto it. You keep passing the drawing around until everyone has a turn, or for a predetermined number of times. This can be played with as many players as you wish. 


Long Pencil Crayons, 12 colours – R19.99 (079- 000012)

Propelling Pencil Crayons, 10-Pack; Assorted crayons – R43.99 (079- 000195)


Metallic Marker Set, 3 Piece; Assorted colours – R29.99 (071-001010)

Creating your own library 

Dig out books your children have not read for a while and put them in unusual places, such as on a pillow or behind a door. You’ll find your child picking them up and reading because they are bored. You could even set up a library where your child can check out books too or create reading corners in your home – this could be a hit for parents and children.

Start Reading Collection, Reading books – R29.99 each (570- 000266)

Cleaning the house and musical statues

Make cleaning the house fun by putting on some fun music that everyone enjoys. Start cleaning the house to music and when someone who is designated DJ stops the music, everyone stops where they are – mid sweep, mid vacuum, or even while loading the washing machine. As a family reward, treat yourselves to some snacks and high five yourselves for cleaning up your house while burning calories.


Gordon’s Ice Cream Mallows, Marshmallows – R22.99 (903- 000211)


Playing boardgames as a family is always so much fun, especially when you can break into team. Having a selection of boardgames never goes to waste and with us heading into winter soon, there’s nothing better than an evening of boardgames or even playing cards.

 Shaker Game – R179.99 (464-000361)

 Box Road 

This is always a hit for anyone who has a toy car or truck. Find a box around the house and flatten it out. Next, use a selection of coloured khokis to draw a road and different landmarks like a library, a mechanic and the grocery store in your new town. Consider naming your town and let your imagination run wild. Add building blocks, trucks and other toys and build a city that comes to life in front of your eyes.


Super art sets 163-piece – R199.99 (079-000197)

Toy-Washing Bin  

Everyone is sanitising their hands but what about the toys in your home? Fill a basin or bath with plastic toys and top it up with soapy water. Get a few sponges and it’s time to wash those toys and make them shiny again. For fun, why not add a few water pistols as a reward for their efforts.


Plastic basin, 32cm diameter; assorted colours – R29.99 each (107-002117)

Trash Art  

Allocate a space in your house for recyclable materials before they end up in the bin like boxes and plastics and let your kids paint them. Kids love painting random objects and making beautiful creations from them. All you need is an area where they can work and some bright paints.

The Baking game  

This activity helps children learn more about baking, showing them how to follow a recipe and teaching them how starting and finishing projects/ tasks often yields surprisingly delicious treats in return at the end.


Non-stick baking tray, 32 x 22cm – R64.99 (024- 000165-E)

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