MEAT WORLD brings Christmas cheer to 400 kids

MEAT WORLD recently donated 400 Christmas gifts to the kids of the Cradle of Hope.  Melodie van Brakel, the CEO of the Cradle of Hope, said that they are very grateful towards Meat World for these wonderful gifts. 

Van Brakel said this brought so much joy to all our kids in receiving these Meat World Christmas gifts!

“It was wonderful to see all these little faces light up in receiving their gifts and toys.  We run 15 different projects, directly impacting on the lives of more than 1 200 less-fortunate, destitute, abused and vulnerable adults and children every day,”

Van Brakel added that THE CRADLE OF HOPE – HOUSE OF RESTORATION can accommodate up to 30 women with their children.

“They come from all over South Africa – because places like this, simply do not exist. They arrive at times in the middle of the night, with literally the clothes on their backs. We have grown to now have 15 active projects directly impacting the lives of more than 1200 less-fortunate adults & children, every single day.”

Angelino Pereira, Managing Director of the Meat World Group of Companies, said it was such a pleasure to donate these gifts to the 400 kids.  “It is wonderful to partner with such a successful and needed project helping people that is less fortunate than ourselves.”

Van Brakel said that they don’t receive any subsidies or grants from the Government.  “We survive wholly on donations and sponsorships from individuals and corporates as well as from our own fundraising events.”

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