Meet Romano, Pizza Hut’s Biggest Fan!

Who doesn’t love pizza! Whether you are chilling at home with the family, entertaining at a house party, home alone watching movies, or you are simply just not wanting to cook tonight, pizza will always rule as the people’s choice.

However, every time you want to order pizza, you have to make a choice between many pizza brands, but now Pizza Hut is making it easier to get a better pizza!

Pizza Hut recently launched their latest offer, the NEW UnToppable deal where you get  2-Large Pizzas and get to choose ANY 2 toppings of your choice to create your perfect pizza. And for only R129.90 it’s a deal not to be missed.

And as it turns out EVERYONE loves the new UnToppable Deal from Pizza Hut, even good ol’ Romano (played by musician, Kabomo), Pizza Hut’s newest fan and the star of their latest advert.



With so much going for it, the UnToppable Deal is everyone’s favourite, and here is why;

  1. At Pizza Hut they offer value people care about, and this deal will suit your wallet.
  2. There are no limits to your choices as you get to choose any 2 toppings to top your pizza.
  3. Unlike some of the other Pizza players, Pizza Hut offers delivery to wherever you are and it’s also FREE.
  4. Pizza Hut also makes it easier to get a better pizza as you can order online or download their new APP.
  5. Pizza Hut, the originators of Pan Pizza have been serving delicious hot pizza since 1958.
  6. It’s a taste that everyone loves, giving Pizza Hut the thumbs up.

Meet Romano

Now, if like Romano, you want to get a BETTER pizza, try Pizza Hut’s UnToppable Deal. Order online at  and get FREE delivery.

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