Montego Pet Nutrition gets a BOLD new look

Leading South African pet food brand, Montego Pet Nutrition (Montego), has rebranded to a look that better reflects the company as it is today – a growing, progressive, innovative and successful business.

This follows Montego’s recent R70-million factory expansion that boosted production capabilities in response to increasing market demand for high-end, quality ranges of pet food and treats.

“There’s no denying the momentum and positive energy here. Montego’s a brand that’s going places. It’s exhilarating!” says Wilfred Cawood, Marketing Manager at Montego Pet Nutrition.

The rebrand includes a new logo and redesigned packaging for the pet food brand’s popular ranges, namely; Monty & Me, Wuma!, Classic for Cats and Dogs, Karoo, the Bags O’ Wags treats range, and Sauce for Cats and Dogs. Montego’s new packaging designs will be rolled out across the various ranges during 2019 and 2020.

The brand, which has always stood for, and endeavoured to provide, Wholesome Goodness, now carries a new tagline: ‘Better Every Day’, reinforcing their commitment to evolving and improving Montego’s product and service offerings, as well as their impact on staff and surrounding communities.

Montego’s logo has evolved gradually over the past two decades, with slight adjustments along the way in 2007, 2012 and 2014. But this latest redesign gives the brand a simpler, cleaner aesthetic, while subtly maintaining familiar elements.

While the brand and its products may look a little different, pet owners can rest assured their pets are receiving the same high standards of quality that they’ve come to trust.

“We’ve improved and expanded our offerings over the years to meet the needs of our customers, and our own expectations, it was time for our brand to match the business we’ve become,” says Cawood. “It’s more than a makeover for us, but rather a milestone in Montego’s successful journey”

Advancing with the times

The Graaff-Reinet based factory underwent a substantial expansion in 2018, with Montego investing in new state-of-the-art equipment and introducing a series of infrastructure improvements to streamline and optimise production.

The company also instituted new green initiatives as part of its operations and is in the process of building its own 500KVA solar panel plant, capable of powering 30% of the factory’s daytime electricity usage.

According to Cawood, “The success we’ve experienced over the past two decades is a point of pride for us, from the incredible internal culture created by our people and the impact we’re able to make in the lives of others (including our less-fortunate furry friends), to the strong relationships we’ve built with our customers and suppliers.

Our continued hunger for improvement and progress makes way for new opportunities in the future, and we look forward to living up to our promise of being better, every day.”

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