Montego’s Bags O’ Wags treats range expands with new look and exciting flavours

Montego’s range of trendy and tantalising treats for deserving dogs just got a whole lot bigger, with exciting new variants and flavours all wrapped up in a new look to match the goodness inside – and it’s a pretty big woof!

Bags O’ Wags fans will still be able to recognise their favourite treat packs by the logo and overall look, but will surely be excited by the quirky new 2D illustrations, the variety of fun and adorable characters made for each pack, and vibrant bursts of colours designed to make pet food shelves pop.

The fresh new design includes new themed looks for the beloved original ranges of Crunchies (for dogs that prefer crispy biscuits) and Chewies (for dogs who want something to savour), as well as three delectable new variants – Munchies, Squishies, and Puppy Trainers.

Because we believe all dogs deserve only the most wagtastic treats, the Bags O’ Wags range now also comes in a whopping 14 new flavour variations including; Juicy Boerewors, Yummy Peanut Butter, Succulent Spare Rib, Wholesome Original, Om Nom Nicely Iced, Delectable Beef Flavoured Marrow Bones, Fried Bacon, Grilled Chicken, Smoked BBQ, Roast Beef, Refreshing Mint Flavoured Dental Tubes, Scrumptious Peanut Butter Flavoured Toffees, Strawberry & Cream, Condensed Milk & Caramel, and Chocolate & Vanilla!

The entire range is made with the same premium quality recipes and great flavour you’ve come to expect from Montego’s wide range of pet nutrition products. Made from real meat as an ideal daily treat to compliment a healthy, nutrition-based and balanced diet for all breeds of puppies and dogs.

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