Nasty C joins Ebro Darden on Apple Music to talk about his brand new album Zulu Man With Some Power

South African rapper Nasty C joins Ebro Darden on Apple Music to talk about his brand new album Zulu Man With Some Power

He tells Apple Music T.I. is the reason he raps and tells the story of receiving a DM from him while he was visiting Cape Town and how it led to the two of them working together.

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Video | Nasty C Tells Apple Music About New Album ‘Zulu Man With Some Power’, Working With T.I., and More

Nasty C Tells Apple Music About Working with T.I…

“He was here in South Africa in Cape Town shooting a movie. He hit my DM, that was crazy for me. He’s the reason I rap, he’s the guy that really made me pay attention to music. He was like ‘Yo, I’m riding around Cape Town bumping your sh*t, your sh*t is hot, and if you wanna work, I’m down.’ I didn’t waste no time.”

Nasty C Tells Apple Music About Taking Extra Time To Finish The Album…

“This whole COVID thing really gave me time to sit with it. That’s the only thing I had to wake up to, every single day. I zoned into it a little bit more and I figured out what was missing, and I wrapped it up within quarantine.”

Nasty C Tells Apple Music About The Album’s Title…

“It was No I.D. that really inspired the title. We spoke a lot about crossing over with your culture on your back. It gave the idea because now that I’m trying to break into the US and the UK, I figured I have to have my culture on my back. People have to know who I am out the gate.”

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