No! The Age of Digital Transformation and 4th Industrial Revolution is not coming!

By: Khumo Jele, technologist

No! This age is not coming! It’s already here.

Many tech giants around the world are investing tons of money into technology that is going to revolutionize things as we know them in today’s world.

However, it would seem in my observation, that there is a disconnect globally with regards to the pace at which tech is growing and the preparation that most governments are doing to get ready for this new world.

Khumo Jele

For example, look at the amount of investment that giants such as Google and Samsung are throwing into self-driving cars/vehicles. This market is so far ahead that I don’t see how most governments will catch up on many aspects.

Here are some of the area’s I believe governments should be investing in already with regards to this example:

Road Infrastructure

  • Digital road signage that will communicate with these self-driving vehicles
  • Digital road boundary lanes

Legislation on traffic fines

  • How do you fine a self-driving motor vehicle
  • How do you impound a self-driving motor vehicle

Legislation on road accidents and road crimes

How do you investigate an accident/crime scene in the following situations:

  • Two self-driving cars with passengers
  • Two self-driving cars both without passengers
  • Two self-driving cars one with and one without a passenger etc.

How will delivery/courier laws work

How do we defend against people trafficking and drug distribution

I could go on so let us just say etc. etc.

These are the real challenges / obstacles that technology will pose to most governments. It is our duty as technologist and technology enabling companies to start interacting with them on this preparation. Most, governments are not knowledgeable enough on technology to realize the storm it will bring. We have to ditch the spec and start developing from RnD to start answering these question that no one is asking yet. Otherwise, the governments will be forced to make rushed decisions / legislation that will probably be advised by a very biased and subjective view of these tech giants.

Let us start today. Let’s experiment and present solutions.

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