Nthabiseng Tsiu is a nurturer and caregiver

On my next feature of #ReadersMinds, I caught up with Nthabiseng Tsiu. Nthabiseng is an author, an entrepreneur and works for one of the big banks in the country.

I enjoyed our conversation, she has a quiet confidence that screams loud, soft heart but firm. I had a good time chatting with her and I hope you will also learn one or two things from her journey. See my conversation with her below.

Tell me about your upbringing?

I was born in Benoni, we moved around a lot because of my father’s then political involvement – from then, we also spent a short stint in Vosloorus and subsequently moved to other places.  My final secondary schooling was completed at Fourways High School. I had a good childhood with a very broad and strong supportive structure – true testament of a child brought up by a village.

I was exposed to a number of very wise and learned individuals which greatly influenced and inculcated a culture of curiosity and reading anything at an early age. This is one of the reasons why my love for interrogation and words is so strong – both written and spoken. I have two beautiful children and I am happily married to an educated, involved and good-hearted man. 

To people who don’t know you, how would you describe yourself?

I am a curious individual with overwhelming ambition. I have a soft heart (nginozwelo); I love to take care of other people and a free spirit. 

I hate being put in a box as I believe each person has different layers which are brought out at different times and by different energies.

What is your highest qualification? 

I have a Masters degree in strategic marketing from Wits University.

You write children’s books, please tell us more about that?

I have written and self published my first children’s book with much more to come.

Anything that has to do with children has always been a part of my soul. I love being around children and they also gravitate towards me all the time wherever I go. I have always known that I would one day write for children and create things for children, whether be it entertaining, educational or comforting things etc. It has always been an innate thing to create things for children. 

Why do you think reading is important for children, and why should parents read to them?

Reading encourages children to use their imagination and encourages them to use their mind as a form creating a full picture/video of the words they read/hear. It also enables them to understand language, vocabulary and spark a curiosity for different things in the world. Different children’s books teach various themes from emotions, expressing yourself, innovation, creativity etc. 

Parents should read to their children to connect with them and cultivate the love of reading  and curiosity at an early age.

Tell us more about the children’s book that you recently published titled: Mohlomi’s Birthday?

The crux of the story is centred around a family working together to celebrate one of their own. It is more about the power of collaboration and support structure, having each other’s back as a family and celebrating every milestone.

It was also created to showcase how children are raised by villages and also highlight that there are fathers who are consciously and fully involved in their children’s upbringing. They share full responsibility with their partners in raising their children.

Is your book only available in English?

Mohlomis’s Birthday was published in English but it will soon be available in Sesotho, Sepedi, IsiZulu for now. The goal is to publish the book in all official languages. 

What is your philosophy of life?

We are all brought here to perform a certain duty to benefit the greater good. Some of us identify that purpose at an early stage while others discover it in the latter part of their stay on this earth. Either way, we all discover and fulfil it.

What are you willing to struggle for?

Primarily, I am willing to struggle for my immediate and extended family.

Secondarily, I am willing to struggle for me and all of my overwhelming ambitions and visions.

What’s your quake book?

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I re-read it recently and it reignited a dimmed fire in me.

You have started a company called Beauty Pop IN™. Tell us more about it?

The short of it is – Beauty Pop IN™ is a proudly South African beauty marketplace formally established in 2020 created for the benefit of both business owners and customers/clients.

The first phase of the rollout is focused and targeted at onboarding hair, nail, makeup, tattoo and spa (overall wellness) specialists based anywhere in the country who are looking at servicing South Africans that are looking for these service at any place and at any time.

The service offering is for customers/clients at different life stages looking for convenience so, our option is for them to make bookings to either get the specialist to come to them or for them to go to the premises of the service provider. Everything is done on the platform.

For business owners, this is beneficial in that, they can expand their business, own their time, have a broader footprint and for those who are completely mobile – there is no need to procure brick and mortar as that is a very expensive exercise therefore, resulting in more money in their pockets to advance/improve their business.

There are more offerings that will be available as the business grows into the hearts of South Africans.

What is your favourite quote?

“When you possess great treasures within you and try to tell others of them, seldom are you believed.” – Paulo Coelho 

 “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” – Paulo Coelho

Where can people buy your book?

My book is available on Ethnikids, Balakudu and Amazon.

You can get hold of Nthabiseng on:

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