Nuy Winery launches first merlot since its inception

Nuy Winery, founded in 1963, is launching their first merlot under their Inspiration range.  The Nuy Inspiration Merlot 2018 is a medium-bodied red wine with prominent mulberry, strawberry and black cherry flavours on the nose and palette. It is a well-balanced drinking wine with a fruity aftertaste.

Why merlot now?

“Merlot is traditionally not a cultivar that has done well in the Nuy Valley in the past in terms of growth and quality,” says Paul Burger, senior winemaker at Nuy Winery.

“With the advancement in knowledge about vineyard management techniques and also more specialised winemaking methods, we have made adjustments in the management of the merlot vineyards as well as the making of the wine. Since then, we have realised that the quality of the merlot has improved significantly and so we decided to make this very popular cultivar part of our Inspiration range,” says Burger.

As the saying goes, ‘good wines are made in the vineyard’ – the grapes used for the Nuy Inspiration Merlot 2018 are produced on the farm Nuwerus along the R60. The vineyards can be seen from the veranda of the Nuy on the hill tasting room, deli and restaurant – the perfect view to enjoy this wine.

How to enjoy Nuy Inspiration Merlot 2018

During the winter months, the wine can be enjoyed at room temperature (between 18 and 20 oC). In summer, the wine can be chilled slightly by placing it in the fridge an hour or two before serving.

The Nuy Inspiration Merlot 2018 is a delicious wine to enjoy with friends – it pairs well with any red meat, roasted mushrooms, vegetable stew and chocolate desserts.

Where to buy the wine

Order your Nuy Inspiration Merlot 2018 online at or email at R72 per bottle or R432 per case.

Orders above R2500 qualify for free delivery within the borders of South Africa.

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