OLX releases data of 2018’s top selling preowned cars

South Africa’s leading marketplace, OLX, has released the top 10 cars that were selling like hot cakes on their platform in 2018.

The data shows the fastest selling cars, that are the most listed and/or gets most replies and the fastest selling but not the most listed.

According to OLX, there were 4,14 million ads listed on OLX in 2018; cars made just a little over a quarter of that total.

“We looked at the fastest selling, the most wanted and most listed ads nationally and provincially and found some interesting insights,” says Nicole Depene-Sander, Marketing Manager at OLX. “There is plenty of opportunity for hustlers to meet the demand of the fastest selling cars in each province.”

From the analysis and survey conducted by OLX using data from their platform, they found that the fastest selling car nationally was a Ford Ranger. VW Polo and VW Golf were the top 2 most sold cars nationally.

“It was so amazing to watch, the moment a Ford Ranger was posted, it would be gone in few hours and marked as SOLD. When it comes to VW Polo and VW Golf, our data shows that a lot of these were sold in 2018,” adds Depene-Sander.

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