Overwhelming excitement at Southgate Mall as Lasizwe launches “Dare to Compare” roadshow

Social media and reality TV Star Lasizwe Dambuza took Southgate Mall by storm over the weekend as he launched Game’s Dare To Compare Roadshow as his alter ego “Nomatriquency” aka “Tricky Baby”. 

The roadshow kicked off at Game’s Southate store where the Youtube sensation was greeted by excited fans and shoppers on Saturday 22 June.

We have all experienced that sinking feeling of buying something at one store only to find it cheaper at another. Following a viral video that showcased Lasizwe’s famed character Nomatriquency being interviewed for a position at Game, the brand hired the star to help them get rid of buyer’s remorse once and for all with Game’s Price Beat policy with the Dare To Compare Roadshow.

“We have officially chosen to kick off the Dare To Compare Roadshow with Nomatriquency at Southgate Mall because it is very close to LaSizwe’s heart as he grew up shopping here with his financially savvy aunt,” says Brand and Customer Director Katherine Madley.

Nomatriquency clocked in at work and began the day with a thorough induction of the Game way of doing things. From always being helpful, to working the till efficiently and being able to assist customers in getting value for money by comparing the prices of goods they had already bought to the prices you get at Game. Many customers were pleasantly surprised to see how they could save by daring to compare prices.

“I am thrilled to be headlining a roadshow that is bringing incredible savings to many South Africans. When Game approached me following the video I did portraying my alter ego Nomatriquency working at their store, I was over the moon because they noticed me based on my talent and what I stand for as a young, enthusiastic and brave Youtuber. There was no doubt we had to start the roadshow where I grew up,” says Lasizwe.

Fans and supporters started ascending in store in their numbers to see what the young star had lined up for them and before we knew it, the store was packed. Customers eagerly participated as Nomatriquency along with Game staff led them to the right deals for their particular needs.

“Working in retail for real and not just acting it out is no child’s play. It truly requires passion and dedication. I really have to give it to the staff at Game Southgate for helping me hold day 1 down the proper way,” says Lasizwe

The Dare To Compare Roadshow with Nomatriquency then took to Game Mall of Africa the following day, Sunday 23 May 2019 where Nomatriquency was again bringing savings to the people of the North.

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