Paint producer, Mackay Paints, appoints Lindo Mnisi as Brand Ambassador

South Africa’s manufacturer and distributor of superior and durable quality paint products, Mackay Paints, has appointed one of the country’s trailblazing young entrepreneurs, Lindo Mnisi, as the company’s brand ambassador.

Mackay Paints has, over the past years, focused intensely on finessing and perfecting the quality of their superior and durable paint products while also establishing a solid customer base within different provinces across the country.

This was done concurrently with enhancing the company’s systems and processes in-house, and also getting the best teams involved in the building of this industrial giant of the future.

Mackay Paints says the appointment of the company’s first ambassador in South Africa and other moves they are making is part of a broader strategy and growth goals for the paint manufacturer.

“This appointment is a no-brainer for brand Mackay, especially as we embark on this strategic transition in our business. As a business, we’ve done and continue to do a lot in the production of superior and durable quality paint for interior and exterior walls, roof, pavement, steel and wood, etc. And we’re making inroads in ensuring that the brand reaches the intended customers,” says Francis Danso, Chief Executive Officer of Mackay Paints. “That is where this strategic partnership with out brand ambassador and other moves we are making come in; to utilising his expertise and take brand Mackay Paints further to the people.”

Danso says Mackay Paints is not only obsessed with producing best of the best when it comes to quality paint but also with directly and indirectly creating opportunities for people living in South Africa.

“We pride ourselves not only as a superior paint manufacturer but also as a company that is obsessed with uplifting people and creating opportunities for them. Whether it is our partners who retail our paint products in their shops, the outsourced companies that work on brand Mackay, the diverse teams that work in our warehouse and offices, and now the brand ambassador, we really put more emphasis on creating an ecosystem that enables others to flourish. Jobs and opportunity creation is a big focus in our business,” adds Danso.

But who is Lindo Mnisi, the new brand ambassador?

Lindo Mnisi is a young dynamic trailblazer in the business fraternity; running a chain of hardware stores in townships as well as a real estate business. He has proven to command some level of influence on social media with more than 30 000 followers. He is also often featured in the media on business related matters.

Mnisi is a qualified Journalist who has worked for few years in the profession, working for big media giants such as ANN7, SABC and eNCA, to name a few. Recently, he spent three and half years working with one of South Africa’s large PR and Advertising Consultancy, DNA Brand Architects, within which he did brand communications and PR for several blue-chip companies.

His experience in the Media, Public Relations and business space, coupled with the in-depth understanding of the brand Mackay Paints makes him the perfect match for what the company is looking for in a brand ambassador.

“I’ve spent the past few years of my career immersing myself in activities, careers and ventures that have helped me amass knowledge that will be useful to brand Mackay. And with the community I have built around my brand, I believe that the current and future customers of Mackay will find much value in what we are about to do together,” says Lindo Mnisi, newly appointed brand ambassador of Mackay Paints. “Mackay Paints is such an amazing business that will soon prove to be one of the dominant players in the paint manufacturing and distribution industry.”

Hitting the ground running, Mnisi has called on retailers of Mackay Paints products to hold the steering wheel tight, promising to use his ambassadorship to not only grow Mackay’s social currency but also that of the retailers; and subsequently assist in moving products off the shelves.

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