Phila Med Emergency Services’ ‘Adopt A School’ shoe drive changing lives

Rural poverty is often a result of low income and unemployment amongst other factors in South Africa.

Even though the unemployment rate of the country decreased by 0,4 of a percentage point to 27,1% in the 4th quarter of 2018, many are still fighting the pandemic as it’s hindering the education and development of many school children across the country, who are affected by this.

Many destitute children walk with barely intacted shoes if not barefoot to school and with winter fast approaching, Phila Med Emergency Services saw the immense need to action their effort in making a difference through their adopt a school shoe drive; an initiative that started on the 11th March 2019.

Phila Med Emergency Services’ Mthokozisi Ndawo, says traveling across South Africa and getting exposed to the hardships people go through in different communities was an eye opener.

“This drive is one that is important to us as we are always advocating education and making a difference in the communities that we service. Our eyes were significantly opened when it came to our knowledge that a number of these learners have never owned a brand-new pair of shoes,” says Ndawo, Director and Spokesperson of Phila Med Emergency Services.

Tender-hearted smiles and tears as children from Kwa Mondi Primary, Bonamuva Primary, Baqaqe Primary, Kwazibonele Primary and Zwelithini High School in Eshowe KwaZulu Natal received hundreds of new shoes produced by Ntenga School Shoes.

This is a new brand spearheaded by Siyanda Ntenga who makes an incredible contribution to the communities through providing durable, comfort and good fit shoes for learning and growing children across South Africa. A production that has employed a great number of people in Ntenga’s quest to contribute in the elevation of unemployment in the country.

“Education is an underlying driver of national and global growth, it is through education and other factors that one is able to escape the scourge of poverty and it is for that reason why we chose Ntenga School Shoes when looking for a supplier for this initiative as they stand for the same values and contributions, a perfect fit if I can say so myself. “says Mthokozisi Ndawo.

Phila Med Emergency Services intends to continue the drive and build it to be more than just school shoes in hopes to allow as many children as possible to benefit from this initiative and learn better at school without worrying about what to wear.





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