#ReadersMinds Mental Health Check-in with Kamohelo Tsotetsi

I had a WhatsApp call conversation with Kamohelo Tsotetsi. I enjoyed the honest conversation we had. Kamohelo is an entrepreneur. His drive for entrepreneurship is commendable. This can be seen in his businesses ranging from taxis and other things.

He has an eye to spot business opportunities, and he is not afraid to take risks. On a lighter note, he likes to take digital breaks every 2 hours to detach for like 15 minutes every day and focus on the things that matter. Such as reading or just being still and listen to his thoughts.

See my mental health check-in with Kamohelo Tsotetsi below;

What is life like living in lockdown?

This lockdown has changed my life in a way that I am now doing something different from what I was doing 2 weeks ago. An opportunity came through to distribute masks, hand gloves and sanitisers in private hospitals, this is what I am currently busy with. I am one of the fortunate people who are part of the essential services.

Who are you with in this lockdown?

We rented a house with my business partner since the lockdown started.

What do you do to keep connected with your colleagues, family and friends?

Technology is the best panacea to keep connected with our loved ones currently.

Do you have a routine and how does it look like?

I don’t have a cast-in-stone routine. I am always on stand-by to deliver orders anytime.

What do you do to cope and what’s your philosophy during this lockdown?

Even though it’s business unusual currently, for me we are still pushing business as usual and thinking beyond lockdown.

What keeps you awake at night?

Finding new opportunities and operating my businesses beyond lockdown.

What do you do to de-stress?

I play video game and do cook-offs. Another thing that I do to de-stress is to swim. Swimming is a spiritual ritual for me.

What do you think life will look like after lockdown?

It’s going to be tough economically, people will lose their jobs, some businesses will become insolvent. Social problems and depression will skyrocket. Mental health will be very important to survive this.

I hope we will support local businesses more!

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