#ReadersMinds Mental Health Check-in with Vuyo Macoba

I recently had a catch-up session with Vuyo Macoba. I admire his humility, hunger for growth and knack for planning things.

He enjoys outdoor activities more especially hiking and is a deeply spiritual person. Vuyo is currently a sports journalist at Power FM, if you would like to hear his voice do tune into POWER Weekend Breakfast every Saturday and Sunday. He is part of the essential services during this lockdown.

See my mental health check-in with Vuyo Macoba below;

What is life like living in the lockdown?

It’s different in a sense that the things that we need to do daily have changed, our routines have changed, with work, how we go to work, the time we spend at work. It has also brought in a lot of appreciation for the little things in life. In my sense, the time I get to spend with my family. I am also appreciating the freedom of movement we had pre-lockdown and the time I spend to get to know myself better. it’s true that you never know what you have until its gone.

Who are you with in this lockdown?

I am in Pretoria with my family.

What do you do to keep connected with your colleagues, family and friends?

I am using a lot of technology and social media to connect with my family, friends and colleagues.

Do you have a routine and how does it look like?

My morning starts with daily devotion, preparation for work, watching news, listening to the radio on my way to work. After work I spend some time with my family and connect with friends on social media. Post that, I do my school assignments.

When I am done with that, I then plan for my next day on what stories am going to focus on. I close my day with reading a book and prayer. I am currently reading the 5am Club by Robin Sharma.

What do you do to cope and what is your philosophy during this lockdown? 

I read a lot and watch sermons, it helps me to cope during this time. My philosophy during this lockdown is to make sure that you learn something and come out as the best version of yourself. For example, I am using this time to learn a new language amongst other things.

This moment is like being given a yellow card in football. A referee gives you a yellow card because of bad play. The card gives you an opportunity to reflect on what you did wrong and plan how you can play the rest of the game (of life) right. We have been given a yellow card, it’s time to reflect and plan so that we can play a better game when we come out of lockdown.

What keeps you awake at night? 

My future and how it’s going to look like with God at the centre.

What do you do to de-stress? 

I watch a lot of stand-up comedy, I am a stand-up comedy connoisseur. I love to laugh. I do a lot of gym and cycling but currently I just run around the driveway because of the lockdown.

I also listen to a lot of Christian music on my way to and from work. Music is everything to me. I use it to be still. It helps me to appreciate my day, whether tough, easy, irritating, full of anger etc.

What do you think life will look like post lockdown? 

I think people are now realising their potential behind these closed doors. People are going to be conscious about a lot of things, about how they spend their time, a lot of youth are going to be chasing their dreams. Entrepreneurs are going to be conscious about how they run their businesses.

What’s your reaction on the extended lockdown? 

I am for it, I am for life, I am for making sure that we preserve life more than anything else. I don’t think we can compare anything with life at this time. I understand the economy is suffering but we can always bounce back, once life is lost it’s gone forever.

What keeps you going?

My song right now Refiner by Maverick City Music. It’s a declaration and a surrender to God that my life is yours. Like my favourite verse Philippians 1:21. “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.”

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