Registered Communication is a virtual tech company that accelerates eContracting services for businesses

Registered Communication, a leading registered electronic communications provider, is making it possible for businesses that previously relied on paper-based notices and hard-copy delivery of contractual documents to remain legally compliant during the COVID-19 lockdown with its eContracting services.

The company provides document certification via Registered Email and Registered SMS, and Click and Sign eContracting services that are legally recognised by South African courts, following two ground-breaking judgements in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court in 2018. The judgement afforded registered digital channels, such as Registered SMS and Registered email, the same status as conventional registered post.

The service comes at a time when businesses that need to send notices, contracts or any other legally-binding documents including important notices, account documentation, confirmation of proof of payments and/or unsuccessful transactions, distribution of invoices and eStatements, changes to personal data, and employee notifications. Businesses can continue to operate remotely during the national lockdown.

Norman Colling, a partner at Registered Communication

These services replace traditional paper notifications or physically signed contractual agreements with digital communication, providing clients with an auditable and traceable digital communication service.

“Property rental agents or financial service providers such as banks or insurance companies that are restructuring loan agreements, policies or providing payment holidays will require digitally signed and certified legally-binding paperwork,” says Norman Colling, a partner at Registered Communication.

“Another example is where employers who require amended agreements or contracts to be signed by employees during lockdown. Not all employees have printing and scanning capabilities at home,” he says.

Using a track and trace concept that’s reminiscent of traditional registered mail, Registered Communication can deliver an instant electronic certificate and detailed audit report to clients as evidence that communication has been sent, received and accepted by SMS or email recipients.

“Companies that rely on paper-based processes that require proof of delivery are currently stranded for options to keep operating,” says Colling. “Our services mean that businesses need never have to physically send a paper document again.”

Registered Communication enables businesses to send, track and prove delivery of electronic documents and contracts by email or SMS by enabling them to import contacts, create templates, customise messages and schedule sending. It also increases business’s efficiency, saves money, and fast-tracks their adaptation to quicker, more cost-effective paperless operations.

“Our company is the third-party witness to all essential communications conducted through digital channels, so recipients cannot deny receiving a document or contract, dispute the contents thereof, or dispute their replies. There will always be proof of delivery, proof of replies received, and a registration certificate confirming the data associated with the exchange,” he adds.

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