Reinventing kitchen culture at Decorex Durban

Kitchens are the warm heart of a home, where most of our entertaining is planned – but kitchen design trends evolve rapidly, so be ready for some changes…

The days of keeping your guests out of the kitchen are past. A renaissance is afoot and, according to Decorex Africa’s Trend Report for 2020, it’s time to repurpose your kitchen as a multifunctional space, where cooking, entertaining, relaxation, reading and homework are all supported.

This is the message delivered by Creative Director Anita Bloom, author of this authoritative report on décor, interior design and lifestyle trends, which gives us a teasing glimpse of what to expect from Decorex Durban 2020, where the overarching theme is ‘Lifestyle by Design’.

Bloom, who ran her own design studio, Just Bloom Designs, before moving to Inspire Trade Expo for four years and then joining the Decorex Africa team, is uniquely positioned to identify and share shifting design and décor trends.

She says the humble kitchen is evolving into part of an integrated living space, in which boundaries between rooms are blurring: “The trend is towards an open-floor arrangement, which creates fluid motion between different functional zones in this area of the home, so it’s possible to socialise while you cook, or serve dinner close to the stove.”

Modern urban living means limited space and less time to create intimacy, so this new trend will allow you to spend more time with family and friends while whipping up some great new recipes. Meanwhile, the digitisation of work, and flexible working schedules, will see you happy to earn a living sitting at the kitchen table.

Open shelving is making a comeback, so you can show off this newly inviting personal space – a far cry from the cool, closed-off, high-gloss designs of a few years ago. “Creating a warm, inviting atmosphere is what it’s all about – but less is more, so expect simple, streamlined design,” says Bloom. “Pantries remove the need for cluttered work surfaces, while durable and functional finishes and material choices dictate the new aesthetic.” Terrazzo and terracotta tiles are no longer reserved for patios – they gain greater decorative relevance indoors and can be used to make built-in shelves or countertops for where food is prepared.

Trend Kitchen by Cosentino: workable solutions for kitchens

A selection of these new trends will be showcased at Decorex Durban, which takes place from 19-22 March 2020 at the Durban Exhibition Centre. You’ll find them on show in the specially curated Trend Kitchen by Cosentino, presented in partnership with The Kitchen Depot.

The ever-popular Trend Kitchen installation is an annual Decorex Africa fixture that showcases some of the emerging trends in kitchen design. The Decorex Durban space will feature products from Cosentino and is set to wow visitors with brand-new concepts from the Spanish family-owned company.

Visitors can look forward to experiencing the kitchen as a multi-functional integrated space that incorporates living and dining areas. Expect to see the latest materials and innovations that showcase revolutionary technology from Cosentino brands such as Silestone and Dekton.

“Cosentino aims to be in the forefront of trends and technology in the kitchen industry,” says Cosentino South Africa Regional Director, Neil Sterley. “We are very excited to display some of the amazing products that have come from the company over the past few years and also create some excitement about what is to come in the future!”

The installation will feature a host of solutions in flooring, worktops, lighting and splashbacks and will demonstrate best-practice use of space. Brand-new products, launched in situ, will give visitors a good idea of the appliances, materials, palettes and design elements that are set to trend in 2020. Also look out for tips and tricks on renovations and builds from Kitchen Specialists Association (KSA).

According to Sian Cullingworth, who is the exhibition portfolio director for design, lifestyle and retail at Reed Exhibitions, the organisers of Decorex Africa: “Kitchens are no longer purely functional, practical spaces – they are multi-functional sanctuaries in which you can socialise, cook, serve meals, work and even study. Cosentino’s statement kitchens reimagine this intimate zone in the home and inspire you to create a space devoted to your personal wellbeing that is in line with the hottest global trends.”

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