SAHIF pledges 50 temporary housing structures in aid of Covid 19

The South African Housing and Infrastructure Fund (SAHIF) heard the plea from government for business leaders to assist in creating solutions in aid of the COVID-19 pandemic and they have pledged to provide 50 temporary housing structures, that will provide shelter for 200 South Africans in need.

This commitment is to assist the government to provide temporary residential units to promote social distancing for individuals currently residing in overcrowded communities.

According to SAHIF CEO, Rali Mampeule, the decision to pledge the 50 temporary structures was to make social distancing for those in overcrowded living conditions as a reach into those places would spread the coronavirus uncontrollably.

 “We have a housing crisis in South Africa, people live in overcrowded spaces and if the coronavirus reaches those places it will be hard to control. As a company within the property sector, we made this pledge to slow down the spread of the virus. We believe that it is up to each one of us to do what we can to flatten the curve and reduce the possible impact of this virus,” says Mampeule.

The coronavirus pandemic has required business owners and industry leaders to showcase grit and collaboration.  The need for leadership in all business sectors is immediate and imperative, SAHIF is proud to offer aid in a time like this.

“Part of the work we do is focused on the empowerment of those less fortunate – with this pledge we are supporting the government the only way we know how, through providing serviced land and quality housing which will promote social distancing for South Africans living in overcrowded communities” says SAHIF CFO Kameel Keshav.

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SAHIF’s core business objective is to accelerate the delivery of serviced land which will ultimately create housing in close proximity to work, school, public transport, public health improving the quality of life for many South Africans.

SAHIF remains committed to its responsibility as a good corporate citizen and through this donation we hope to support those whose lives have been disrupted by the pandemic.

In an interview with the public broadcaster, Keshav expanded on this initiative by SAHIF. WATCH BELOW:

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