Serving the perfect gin with Time Anchor’s Mirari Gin

You may have been told before that you are mixing your gin the wrong way? Well, there are actually over 50 different ways to mix your gin, but getting the best out of the mix is the trick. But how do you do this? Shanna-Rae Wilby, Chief Distiller at Time Anchor Distillery takes us through the perfect ways to serve up the perfect gin, every time.

If you are a true gin connoisseur, you know that not all gins are the same. One of the best ways to maximise the taste of a high-quality gin is to choose a premium tonic water as your mixer, after all tonic makes up ¾ of your G&T and it’s important to have a quality product that highlights your Gin and doesn’t dull the flavour. We’ve all had that one gin that was either too strong or too weak or just plain bland. A good quality gin is one that has been distilled with natural ingredients, so you need to ensure that you look out for authenticity, and trace back where your gin is actually made – embracing conscious consumerism.

From a taste perspective, you are looking for a product that has a symphony of flavours when you drink it, instead of a one-dimensional taste that lacks depth and structure. Here are five ways you can serve the perfect gin. We have used the Mirari Amber African Botanicals Gin as our gin of choice;

  1. Pair with Fitch & Leedes Indian Tonic Water, Barker & Quin Indian Tonic Water or Ginger Ale (not Ginger beer).

Garnish with any of the following combinations:

  1. Orange Wedge, which brings out the citrus notes of the sweet orange that we used when distilling, and blackberries.
  2. Fresh Fig and a sprig of Thyme is a perfect addition – the fig pairs with the figs that we use when making the gin.
  3. Cinnamon quill and a sprig of Rosemary – the cinnamon quill brings out the warm notes of the cassia bark from the gin and the rosemary bolsters the juniper flavours.
  4. Lime wedge and Cucumber ribbons to increase the citrus profile of the gin and enhance the crisp refreshment of summer – making this serving a great one for a sunny Sunday afternoon.

If you’re looking for a relaxed Friday afternoon, a G&T with citrus is perfect for the summer, and as we head into the winter season, Negroni is your ideal paring. If you are feeling like a naughty night out, a good quality Martini is the perfect way to get your party on.  Now that you know how to perfectly serve your G&T, you can be a hero among your friends.

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