Shaping the country one deed at a time

With the constant rise of gender-based violence and the subsequent conversations around it on social media, there has been a number of organisations formed to address the epidemic.

A number of possible solutions have been proposed by different groupings and organisations; AWARENESS proves to be the dominant solution for the Global Shapers in collaboration with youth led organisations, Impact17, JCIDurban and Zulu Transformers.

To commemorate International Women’s Day (8 March 2019) the KwaZulu-Natal based organisations collectively crafted a campaign that would be easy to explain and have a maximum impact not only in Durban but across South Africa.

Using one of the most powerful tools of our generation, they took to social media; Urging the country to make a statement and pledge in eradicating this behaviour.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, were buzzing as the collective accumulated favourable responses from many who shed light on International Women’s Day and what they think it means to them.

“Even though we had guidelines around the conversation we were starting, people really surprised us with their authentic and powerful captions,” say Carissa Agyei, Member of Global Shapers and Zulu Transformers. “We want this to not only be on the agenda for International Women’s day but rather grow to becoming bigger and more impactful to all societal issues that our country faces.”

International Women’s Day came just days after the regrettable incident that was captured on a LIVE video showing Kwaito star, Mampintsha assaulting his muso girlfriend, Babes Wodumo. The video was LIVE on Babes Wodumo’s Instagram during the incident. Mampintsha was arrested following a public outcry on social media, calling for his arrest.

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This campaign aims to provide support for those undergoing issues of abuse and allow a platform for many to share their voice. In reflecting to the goals achieved in this awareness campaign, the collective saw diversity in age, career and other criteria which just proves once more that violence against women, is a global phenomenon.

“As Shapers we hope we made even the slightest difference in breaking the silence and showing those who might need us that we are here to support and take the conversation higher in our effort to eradicate such behaviour. May your power reign for the generations to come.”

The groups aims to continue their campaign for years to come.

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