SHIM.ZA THERE’S NO WRONG WAY TOUR celebrates versatility of Jozi’s music

The celebrations of the Stay True: There’s No Wrong Way global campaign is still rocking the masses in 2022. The face of the campaign Shimza is celebrating the best of South African music by sharing the stage with incredible talents that showcase the sounds of the main cities of the country. 

The SHIM.ZA There’s No Wrong Way Tour kicked off in Pretoria where Kat la Kat, Desiree, and Trancemicsoul elevated the Pretoria house music sounds.

The tour later headed to Durban where budding resident dj’s Joshy X and X031 performed along a stellar line up of DJs such as  DJ Drega, Phuze hitmaking DJ/Producer Dlala Thukzin as well as DJ/Producer Que DJ.

The SHIM.ZA There’s No Wrong Way Tour is now gearing up to showcase the authentic sounds of Johannesburg through a variety line up with the unapologetically queerJohannesburg based multi-talented creative Lelowhatsgood, the heroine of timeless hits Fiflaaa, as well as the multidisciplinary producer and curator Deniece Marz.

These musicians will highlight the authentic sounds and express the diverse sounds of Johannesburg. You can be part of this expressive tour by purchasing a ticket here

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