Sho Madjozi and Benny Mayengani on Candy Tsamandebele’s New Album

African languages and cultures are what Candy is known for as evidenced by her previous albums and features. On Hupenyu Unenge Viri Candy takes it all the way to Nigeria then back to Zimbabwe.

On the title track with Bekezela, she combines few languages including Shona widely spoken in Zimbabwe while on Siku Ne Siku (see its official music video shot at Graceland Lodge below), she features Nonny D from Nigeria. In fact, the entire album features two or more languages fastened by unique sounds inspired by African cultures.

“Throughout my career spanning over two decades, I sometimes found myself wondering if this journey was worth it, even more so when I was the lead singer for Shakabundu girls. The group did well as far as album sales were concerned, however, that feeling was often there. It took me a while to get to a point where I felt confident and truly content with my journey. On this third solo project titled Hupenyu Unenge Viri, my fans will be surprised to find strong lyrical content and vocals, unusual features and most importantly a very mature yet playful sound” – Candy Tsamandebele.

There are also notable house songs on the album like the banging Nathinga and Madzedze featuring XiTsonga rapper Sho Madjozi and XiTsonga artist Benny Mayengani (Mr #FillUpGiyaniStadium).

See the album here:

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