Smoke and Mirrors Hitmaker, DJ Gina Jeanz, determined to take the world by storm

New entrants in the South African music industry have, over the past few years, come through and shook things up in a massive way. Same is about to be seen, thanks to fireball and music genius, DJ Gina Jeanz, real name Gina Mwoombola.

DJ Gina Jeanz has a clear vision about where the SA music industry is headed and is dedicated to incorporating any sort of innovative ways to take it to the top.

Here is what came out of a conversation that was had with DJ Gina Jeanz about the music industry and her journey.

What does innovation mean to you within the music scene?

The industry is constantly changing, social media and music streaming in the recent years have transformed the way we consume music today.

Our generation is so fortunate to have all these technological advances at our disposal, gone are the dayswhere you’d need to rent an expensive studio to work from, artists are collaboratingright in their bedrooms.

I can create from anywhere in the world and build my own brand because of the innovation in music. I have a voice and can contribute to the conversation and representation of woman in the music industry.

What was the inspiration behind your new song Smoke and Mirrors?

The inspiration of the track came from an intimate conversation in my home studiowith Jimmy Nevis and Dani Bagel. I feel it’s so important to have conversationsbefore we begin any project because it allows us to draw inspiration from our experiences.

I wanted the song to have a vulnerable message, we focused on self- love and what it means to address the negative aspects of ourselves that may notnecessarily be a true reflection of who we are hence the title ‘Smoke & Mirrors’. It’s an upbeat track that’s also about being able to fully love, accept and celebrate oneself.

On that point: Name one thing that can instantly sparks your creativitywhen it comes to creating something, whether it’s a new song, idea ordesign?

I’m very visual so if I come across any form of art in my day like graffiti or an illustration in my feed, I immediately start thinking of new concepts for my music/designs. I really enjoy drawing inspiration from my surroundings and even when I travel, I always make time to explore the city/town I find myself in.

How do you plan for a set? How much is planned and how much is spontaneous?

I tend to plan my sets ahead of time and occasionally throw in spontaneous mixes. I love that I get to play my own beats, introduce new/unknown artists and curate a musical experience for the listener.

Take us through your creative process, what makes Gina’s beat distinctive?

I’m very aware of my surroundings, that’s normally where I draw a lot of my inspiration from. I’d sit still and absorb the ambience around me, concentrating andisolating each distinct sound that my ears can pick up.

In short, I meditate, I’ve beenapplying this method to my creative process for as long as I can remember, I’m ableto be present and really create from a place of no mind.

What is the inspiration behind the music you produce?

The inspiration behind my music is a reflection of all kinds genres I was exposed to while growing up. I also played the violin so learning theory has also contributed to my sound design end execution. I treat my music like art and experimenting is a big part of my process.

The G-Star RAW aesthetic represents artistry, creativity and innovation. What about the brand resonates with you?

The innovation aspect of G-Star RAW has always resonated with me. They approach denim in an unconventional way, especially the craftsmanship of the raw denim. We can also look at key collaborators like Pharrell who has always been innovative with his creative endeavors.

Denim is not the softest of material to work with and the fact the G-Star RAW has been able to deliver unique statement pieces with a streetwear edge year after year is admirable.

How has innovation in the music industry – especially with the emergence of platforms like Soundcloud and Spotify – impacted your career?As an independent artist the innovation in the music industry has given me the freedom to showcase my music across multiple platforms without the need to rely ona label to do it for me. It’s also taught me to be responsible and given me theopportunity to define my own sound.

I reach an audience that genuinely supports me and that to me is so rewarding, the platforms have also opened doors to directly collaborate with my peers and brands like G-Star RAW.

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