Take your photos and videos to the next level with the HUAWEI P Smart S

Whether you’re new to photography or already familiar with many of its ins and outs, you’ll know that the device you have in your hand makes all the difference in the world.

This device no longer needs to be a cumbersome digital camera; technology has advanced so much that many smartphones now deliver surprisingly wonderful results. However, those that do often come with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, the HUAWEI P Smart S smartphone is here to change all that.

The newest member of the HUAWEI P Smart series, the HUAWEI P Smart S is elegant and light, and packs a serious processing punch. But more than that, it has photographic and video capabilities that will set you on the path to taking impressive, professional-looking shots. And it does all this without breaking the bank.

Three cameras deliver superior results

The HUAWEI P Smart S’s rear camera is made up of three separate cameras: a 48MP main camera, an 8MP ultra-wide-angle camera and a 2MP bokeh camera. MP refers to megapixels, which affects the quality and definition of the photograph you’re taking. The higher the MP, the better the definition. For the main camera of this smartphone to boast 48MP is hugely impressive, and guarantees shots that are crisp and clear every time.

The phone’s ultra-wide-angle allows you to incorporate more in a single shot, whether you’re taking a photograph or a video.

It’s ideal for shooting big landscapes and for capturing elements that would otherwise have been lost – large group photos have never been easier. As for the smartphone’s 2MP bokeh camera – Bokeh is the effect of blurring the background of an image so that the subject stands out, which makes it perfect for portraits.

Night mode on the HUAWEI P Smart S is also a cut above the rest. A high-resolution sensor and advanced artificial intelligence algorithms work together to increase the brightness, sharpen the details and improve the dynamic range of your photos, making pictures taken in low-light settings sharp and vivid.

Insta-worthy selfies, every time

Of course, the HUAWEI P Smart S also comes with an impressive 16MP front camera, which is essential if you’re going to take selfies that are fit for social media. The camera automatically detects the lighting around you, and compensates to ensure that all the details and colours of you, your friends, and the background behind you are perfectly clear.

The selfie camera’s portrait mode is equipped with natural beauty editing features that adapt in real-time depending on your age, gender and skin colour. It brightens the eyes, whitens the teeth and smooths over the skin to create a natural photo that ensures you look your best. The front camera also supports night mode, so that magical selfies can be captured even in low light.

All the storage and battery support you need

Of course, it’s also important that you’re able to store all your professional-looking images, and that your battery doesn’t let you down mid-shoot. The HUAWEI P Smart S comes standard with 128GB of storage, which should be more than enough space for you to store all the photos, videos, music and games your heart desires. And its large battery means that you can venture out on a day of shooting without having to worry about recharging.

The HUAWEI P Smart S is available in Midnight Black or Breathing Crystal for just R5,999 from MTN and Telkom mobile operators, Huawei stores and Huawei online www.huaweistore.co.za. You also get 15 GB free cloud storage for 12 months.

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