Telkom has, for the longest time, stayed true to its brand purpose and promise of leaving no man behind.

Even during the devastating times of Covid-19 where people are not able to make ends meet, Telkom continues to throw in a lending hand for those who deserve it the most.

Three such beneficiaries of Telkom’s generous gesture is Puleng Aau (23) from Tumahole, Free State, Raymond Zwane (50) from Daveyton, Gauteng and Luyanda Mkhize, from Phiri, Soweto.

They are the Telkom Mo’Winz Weekly Winners of R20 000!

 This is prize money that will indeed take Puleng a long way, considering challenges she is already facing in her life. “I’m a College dropout due to lack of Finance. And I’m currently Unemployed,” said Puleng, during an interview with Telkom.

Puleng explains how easy she won the prize money. “I entered the Telkom Mo’Winz Competition through my Phone. I had just recharged and I wanted to Buy Data bundles using *180#.

Immediately after I entered the USSD code I saw the Telkom Mo’Winz option, so I decided to enter and Register,” said Puleng.

“That’s when I started playing the game. The first day I entered the free competition I saw the VIP option and decided to Enter it.”

Puleng says the questions there were interesting. Even when she had finished answering them, she still had the earger to answer more. “So it started to get interesting and I played everyday. I still do,” added Puleng.

This money is, according to Puleng, going to change her life in a big way as she intends on going back to college to further her education. And she will forever be grateful to Telkom for this great opportunity to leave no man behind.

“I will be Investing the Cash prize to my education and finish my studies. And I would love to thank Telkom for giving me this opportunity. The cash prize is going to be making an impact in my life. Thank You so Much Telkom🙏,“ concluded Puleng.

“I entered the competition after receiving an SMS invitation to join,” said Raymond Zwane during an interview with Telkom.

Zwane says the cash prize will assist him greatly during the lockdown implemented by the government to deal with the spread of Coronavirus in South Africa. “I  am going to use the prize money to mitigate the lockdown consequences,” he said.

Thanking Telkom for the opportunity, he said “I would like to say thank you to Telkom and that Telkom is indeed the best service provider for me. I also wish to thank Telkom Mo’Winz for the for the fabulous prize money which came at a much trying times,” concluded Zwane.

Luyanda Mkhize, a BSc in computing student at the University of South Africa. Studying a says she is a lover of competitions and quizzes. “I consider myself as someone who enjoys random facts and and weird knowledge,” says Mkhize.

I played religiously on the Telkom plus Mo’Winz quiz and I’m going to use a lot of my winnings towards my university fees.

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