With data becoming an essential need for South Africans, thanks to the unprecedented COVID- 19 pandemic, telecommunications giant, Telkom, has structured a SIM-only Smart Broadband Wireless deal that will ensure that people hardly run out of data.

Telkom is notorious for always offering data at affordable rates and this new SIM-only deal aims to give so much more data to customers than they bargain for.

Telkom presents South Africa’s first ever 1 Terabyte (1024GB) LTE SIM-only crazy deal at a ridiculously affordable price. This game changer 1 terabyte (1TB) worth of data with no strings attached has:

  • No Fair usage policy (FUP);
  • No speed limit, truly unlimited; and
  • No contract, it’s month to month.

“More than ever, data has become an essential part of our daily lives. As Telkom, we always have our finger on the pulse and ears on the ground and we understand what people need. We are committed to giving people what they need and subsequently leave no man behind. This 1TB SIM-only deal allows you to work, learn, entertain and collaborate without the worry of depleting your data,” says Gugu Mthembu, Executive: Brand and Product segments at Telkom

This is a market disruptor and a new level of data quantity. For the first time, it is essentially data that hardly runs out.

“This is indeed a game changer; suitable for avid gamers, the collaborators, movie makers, podcasters and all-round heavy data user. If you know that you are an avid consumer of data bundles, this deal is tailored for you,” adds Mthembu.

The Crazy deal:

  • 1TB data @ R999 pm x 24 months on a month to month / SIM only offer
  • 1TB data R1069 pm x 24 months + Huawei B-535 router
  • Data portion has a 60 day validity.

For more information about this Crazy Deal, visit http://tlkm.link/LTE_1TB

For more information on Telkom and its products and services, visit www.telkom.co.za, follow Telkom on Twitter and our Facebook page.

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