Ultrafair introduces free-to-play fantasy sports platform in South Africa

Ultrafair, a leader in online gaming experiences, is thrilled to announce the launch of its Free-to-Play Fantasy Sports Platform in South Africa. With a focus on Football, Rugby, and Cricket—the three sports that captures the heart of the nation—Ultrafair aims to revolutionise how fans interact with their favourite games.

Ground-breaking Approach to Fantasy Sports

Ultrafair takes an innovative approach to fantasy sports by offering a completely free-to-play model that allows South Africans to engage with their beloved sports in a dynamic way. Participants can create their fantasy teams, join leagues, and compete against friends and family to win a variety of prizes, without any financial investment.

“Our platform is designed to be inclusive and accessible to everyone, irrespective of their financial capabilities,” says Greg van der Spuy CEO of Ultrafair. “Sports are deeply ingrained in the culture of South Africa, and we want to make sure everyone gets a chance to participate in the excitement that free fantasy sports can offer.”

Inclusive Sports Culture in South Africa

South Africa’s diverse sports culture is the ideal setting for the launch of Ultrafair’s platform. With its rich history in Football, Rugby, and Cricket, South Africa offers an extensive fan base that has been eager for a service or platform that further enhances their engagement with sports.

Partnership and Sponsorship

Ultrafair is actively seeking partnerships with local sports organizations, businesses, non-profits and influencers to enhance the user experience and expand its footprint in South Africa. The company already supports special edition leagues for local tournaments, providing a hyper-localized experience for fans.

About Ultrafair

Founded in 2022, Ultrafair is a leading sports game company dedicated to providing exceptional experiences in the realm of fantasy sports. With a focus on innovation, inclusivity, and community, Ultrafair aims to change the way people engage with sports.

Disclaimer: Ultrafair Fantasy Sports is a FREE TO PLAY sports platform and does not involve gambling, contest fees, nor contest fee distribution differentiating it from traditional daily fantasy sports (DFS) products; its operations are specifically designed to comply with applicable legal regulations in all territories it operates in.

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